Xbox One Kinect

Microsoft’s Kinect won’t only be a huge part of the Xbox One experience… it’s a requirement. By building the experience into the core functionality, Xbox One Kinect becomes an enjoyable feature for both gamers and developers.



Xbox Kinect on the Xbox One has a handful of really exciting features and improvements. Below, we’ve listed our favorites:

  • Kinect can use its 1080p HD camera to automatically recognize you when you enter the room, know what controller you’re using, and sync your controller to your user account
  • That 1080p HD cam will also come in handy for skype video calls and other video features
  • A new set of Kinect Gestures allow you to easily advance through menus and games
  • Voice activation lets you both control your television and give gameplay commands, creating a new, exciting, convenient, and immersive experience
  • Kinect Real Vision greatly enhances the experience by expanding the viewing range, adding IR technology which allow it to see in the dark, and using 3D technology to determine small details like whether you’re standing off balanced.
  • Kinect Real Motion lets your Xbox One detect the smallest of movements from users, so even things like squeezing your hand can be incorporated into navigation and gameplay
  • Kinect Real Voice improves audio detection, noise cancellation, and noise isolation with a multi-microphone array, making voice commands much more accurate and responsive


We’ll share more details about the Xbox One Kinect as they emerge!