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The Division’s latest trailer tells a sad tale [VIDEO]

Ubisoft's released a new trailer for The Division and this time, we're given a look what made the world we see today.

Check out these screenshots from Tom Clancy’s The Division

A new trio of screenshots from Tom Clancy's The Division have hit the web and they're looking pretty slick

The Division reportedly not ready for a 2014 release

According to an unnamed source, Ubisoft's online open-world RPG, The Division won't be meeting its proposed 2014 release.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will have exclusive content on Xb...

Today, during its Gamescom conference, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One version of Tom Clancy's The Division will feature exclusive content.

Ubisoft unveils Tom Clancy’s The Division, an interesting n...

Ubisoft has unveiled a new shooter for next-gen consoles that has piqued our interest quite a bit. It's a third-party title called The Division,...