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Mirror’s Edge 2 gets a release window – Early 2016

Yesterday publisher Electronic Arts confirmed that Mirror's Edge 2 is set to release some time during the first three months of 2016.

Xbox One will get the Battlefield Hardline open beta later this y...

EA just stepped forward and revealed some new footage from Battlefield Hardline, their first shooter in the series that breaks away from the traditional...

Madden 2015 trailer introduces refreshing new focus on defense [V...

We've already heard a ton about Madden NFL 2015, but EA had some new goods on tap at E3 2014 today. They gave us...

Microsoft selling Battlefield 4 for $30

Microsoft's online store is selling Battlefield 4 for $30.

Delayed Battlefield 4 update now live for Xbox One

Today DICE is releasing a software patch for Battlefield 4 that addresses a long list of bugs.

Battlefield 4 patch delayed for Xbox One

Today's software patch for Battlefield 4 has been delayed for the Xbox One version of EA's popular military-themed first-person shooter, developer DICE confirmed today.

Titanfall sequel will reportedly be published by Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts has reportedly secured the rights to publish the next installment in Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall franchise.

EA’s cryptic tweet hints at a new NBA Jam game

Earlier today, Electronic Arts tweeted a message asking people if they were ready for a new NBA Jam game.

EA: Titanfall will get DLC after launch

Respawn Entertainment's mech-fueled first-person shooter Titanfall will be getting extra content after its launch in March, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed on a...

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare delayed until February 25th [VI...

Today PopCap announced that its third-person shooter Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare has been delayed until February 25th.