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Microsoft announces new Killer Instinct developer

Last month mega-online retailer Amazon acquired Double Helix Games, leaving the Xbox One's newly revamped Killer Instinct franchise without a developer.

Killer Instinct patch to fix rage quitter jail bug

Double Helix Games will be issuing a title update for Killer Instinct that will resolve several bugs caused by the game's last patch.

PSA: Strider now available on Xbox One

Capcom Osaka and Double Helix Games' joint venture, Strider is now available to purchase from the Xbox Game Store.

Amazon buying Double Helix Games won’t affect Strider

So the retailer with the smile on its boxes recently purchased Double Helix Games and while it's changing Killer Instinct's future, the upcoming Strider...

Amazon acquiring Double Helix Games, Killer Instinct to get a new...

In an odd twist of events, Amazon has acquired Killer Instinct and Strider developer Double Helix Games.

Strider hits Xbox One on February 19th

Double Helix Games' Strider will be available on Xbox One on February 19th for $15, Capcom announced in a recent press release.

Killer Instinct update punishes rage quitters

Today's title update for Killer Instinct introduces a punishment for rage quitters who leave games early when they're losing a match.

Spinal returns to Killer Instinct [VIDEO]

We knew he was coming and now we can see him in action. Today, Double Helix released a trailer for Killer Instinct's latest combatant...

Thunder replaces Sabrewulf as Killer Instinct free fighter

Double Helix is now rotating Killer Instinct's free-to-play fighters on a regular basis and this time around its big Thunder's turn.

Sabrewulf replacing Jago as free Killer Instinct fighter

A title update for Killer Instinct is now available to download with its most noteworthy change being Sabrewulf replacing Jago as the game's free-to-play...