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Over 45 new apps are making their way to Xbox – HBO GO, Com...

If you're someone who enjoys a wide verity of functionality from your console of choice, you'll be happy to know that 45+ new apps...

MLB.TV app coming to Xbox One on Opening Day

Last month, Microsoft announced that MLB.TV was coming to the Xbox One sometime this spring and making good on its word today the company...

Skype for Xbox One updated with improved contact filters

The Xbox One's Skype app recently received an update that refines its chat experience by introducing a longer chat history of up to 1,000...

Netflix and ESPN apps down on Xbox One [Update]

Microsoft may have resolved the sign in issue keeping players away from Titanfall, however the company still appears to be having issues with other...

Twitch update coming to Xbox One today

Despite being announced for March 11, the Xbox One's Twitch app will be updated with game broadcasting features starting today at 4PM PDT, the...

Xbox One Twitch broadcasting overview [VIDEO]

Just in time for the launch of Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall, Microsoft is adding Twitch broadcasting to its Xbox One app.

SmartGlass for Android updated with push notifications

Microsoft silently updated its Xbox One SmartGlass app for Android today, bringing it closer to parity with its iOS and Windows Phone counterparts.

Over 92,000 music videos added to Xbox Music

Today, Microsoft announced that over 92,000 music videos have been added to Xbox Music.

Twitch game streaming coming to Xbox One on March 11

Microsoft announced today that Twitch game streaming is coming to the Xbox One on March 11.

SkyDrive rebranded as OneDrive on Xbox One

The SkyDrive app on Xbox One is no more. Microsoft announced today that it's been rebranded as OneDrive.