DOT-approved Master Chief motorcycle helmet up for pre-order

Mar 20th - Development of the NECA-produced street-legal MJOLNIR Mark VI helmet is finally drawing to a close, as the product is currently up for pre-order on GameStop's online portal.

Halo 5 teaser site is counting down to this weekend.

Mar 20th - Frank O'Connor, Franchise Director for 343i, has directed our attention to a Halo 5-oriented tumblr page that's counting down to... something.

Was the Marcus Fenix Collection confirmed? [RUMOR]

Mar 19th - A conversation between Phil Spencer and XBL user Fox Solids leads fans to believe that what's been dubbed "The Marcus Fenix Collection" may be in development.

Sling TV lands exclusively on Xbox One – Free month for Gold Members

Mar 17th - The launch of Sling TV brings live sports, lifestyle, family, news and information channels, Video-On-Demand (VOD) entertainment, and much more to the Xbox One!

Titanfall 2 has been confirmed

Mar 12th - The sequel to Respawn Entertainment flagship title Titanfall has been confirmed.

Xbox promo video shows new Halo 5: Guardians footage

Mar 12th - In a new promo video from Xbox there is a brief clip of Halo 5: Guardians, which we can only assume is campaign footage of Agent Locke from behind.

Titanfall Season Pass currently available for free

Mar 11th - Currently Titanfall's Season Pass is available for purchase for the incredible price of $0.00. Yes, you can get it completely free of charge.

GTA V online heists now available

Mar 10th - Today's the big day! Heists have finally arrived and the streets of Los Santos are just as chaotic as ever! Download the free update and join in the mayhem!

343 talks details for the Halo Championship Series Season 2

Mar 9th - 343 has announced details for the second season of the Halo Championship Series, including the pre-season cup dates and the first HCS-sanctioned LAN event.

New Halo: The Master Chief Collection bundle announced

Mar 9th - Now that Halo: The Master Chief Collection's has been deemed "playable" by even the harshest critics, Microsoft is featuring the title in a new Kinect-less console bundle.