Ubisoft is sizing up which games it wants to bring to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility program first. You can help decide!" />

Ubisoft teases more backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games


Backwards compatibility with certain Xbox 360 games was one of the biggest highlights of Microsoft’s E3 presentation, but we haven’t heard a lot from companies who are planning on supporting the service until now. Ubisoft currently has two titles that are on the service, including Rainbow Six Vegas and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Now, the company is teasing its expanded catalogue for the service.

Now it seems like the company is trying to decide which titles it should support on the platform first, as the company’s Facebook page was updated with the above image asking fans to reply with which Ubisoft games they want to see supported first. Back in July Ubisoft teased that the Splinter Cell 360 games will be supported soon, but Ubisoft has a large number of franchises under its belt.

Which franchises do you want to see on the platform first? The backwards compatibility program is only available to Xbox One preview members right now, but Microsoft plans to launch the service in November with more than 100 games available at initial launch.

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