After taking Xbox LIVE offline last Christmas, six members associated with the Lizard Squad have been arrested." />

Six more Lizard Squad members arrested by British officials


Last year a hacker group known as the Lizard Squad collectively attacked both the Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network services, bringing them to a grinding halt on Christmas Day. Hundreds of gamers were outraged at being unable to access the services to play their new games online and Lizard Squad gleefully bragged about it on their Twitter account.

Those who orchestrated the attack aren’t very happy today, however, as Variety is reporting that British officials have arrested six male teenagers ranging between 15 to 18 years old. The six are suspected members of the hacking team responsible for bringing down the two networks.

According to the report, the team used a tool to launch distributed denial of service attacks on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and several online retailers. Other targets included a national British newspaper and a school.

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