Homefront: The Revolution will have an exclusive multiplayer beta on Xbox One later this year." />

Homefront: The Revolution getting beta on Xbox One this winter

While Deep Silver may have delayed the release of Homefront: The Revolution into 2016 earlier this year, today we got our first look at some of the gameplay thanks to the trailer at Microsoft’s Xbox conference. The game will be playable on the Gamescom show floor so expect more footage as the week progresses, but the most interesting thing to come out of the presentation regarding the game is the upcoming beta.

C.J. Kershner of Dambuster Studios has announced that the Xbox One will have an exclusive multiplayer beta for the game this winter. Kershner didn’t go into details or whether or not this beta will be a timed exclusive like other games, but betas are always a good way to get a feel for the game to determine whether or not you want to sink time into it.

Will you be checking out the Homefront: The Revolution beta later this year?

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