Final resolution for Metal Gear Solid V has been revealed, with comparison screenshots between all platforms." />

Final resolution confirmed for MGS V: Phantom Pain on Xbox One


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain releases on September 1 and today Konami finally released the resolution for each of the systems the game will debut on. PlayStation 4 will run at 1080p/60fps, while Xbox One will run at 900p/60fps with final output scaled to 1080p. Shots released from all three of the versions show that the PC version looks the best of the trio, but the game manages to look amazing even on last-gen hardware.


Konami’s detailed shots look pretty amazing from the screenshot perspective, but you can see the improvements on the Xbox One version in the image below, which has been zoomed in to focus on detail in distant buildings in a screenshot. The shot is much more clear on Xbox One.

Xbox One vs. Xbox 360
Xbox One vs. Xbox 360
Xbox One vs. Xbox 360

To see the rest of the comparison images between Xbox One, PS4, and PC, be sure to check out Konami’s comparison site.

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