Windows 10 is launching at midnight tonight and one of the biggest features is Xbox One streaming. Here's what you need to know about how it works." />

6 things you need to know about Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming


Windows 10 is almost upon us and for gamers, the most exciting feature is that you’ll be able to stream your Xbox One games to your PC. While Microsoft is prepping for the release of Windows 10 at midnight, here’s a look at some of the things you can and can’t do with Windows 10 and Xbox One.

1. You can’t stream your PC to your Xbox One.

Currently the streaming functionality of Windows 10 is limited to streaming the Xbox One to PC. You won’t be able to play your PC games on your Xbox any time soon, but because all of the processing of streaming is handled by the Xbox One itself, you can stream to any Windows device. Yup, that includes your Windows RT tablet.

2. You need to be on the same WiFi network.

If you’re a technophile with multiple WiFi networks in your home like 2.4GHz and 5GHz, you’ll need to make sure your computer and your Xbox One are both on the same connection. It doesn’t matter if one or both of the devices are wired, but this does prevent you from gaming on the go.

3. You control the stream with your Xbox controller plugged into your PC.

While you may be streaming the Xbox One to your PC, you won’t be able to use your keyboard and mouse to control anything. The stream is essentially a mirror of what’s happening on the Xbox One, so you’ll control it with the Xbox One controller.

So does that means no wireless controllers? For now. Microsoft has confirmed a wireless adapter will be released later this year, but when Windows 10 launches, you’ll need to have your controller wired to your PC.

4. Three quality settings help you choose the best streaming performance.

If you’re still using an old wireless router that uses dated protocols, you’ll have the option of setting up quality profiles for your stream. You can choose low, medium, and high to best suit your network’s performance and help reduce choppy gameplay.

5. Gold membership is not required to enjoy streaming to Windows 10.

In the past, Microsoft has been criticized for locking all of their important features behind an Xbox Live Gold subscription, but that’s not the case with Windows streaming. You won’t have to be a Gold member in order to stream your Xbox One games to your PC for single player, but the multi-player rule is still intact.

6. You can’t play games that use Kinect or require Kinect features.

Kinect-exclusive games are out of the picture for Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming. Any games that you do stream that include Kinect functionality will work, but you won’t be able to utilize those features while you’re playing on your PC.

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