Ubisoft is bringing its former Wii U exclusive game to a wider audience after the Wii U version flopped in 2012." />

Former Wii U exclusive Zombi U headed to Xbox One in August as Zombi


For the past few weeks we’ve seen hints from Ubisoft that it would be bringing former Wii U exclusive title ZombiU to other consoles. We know Ubisoft wasn’t happy with the sales of the game on the Wii U, as a planned sequel was scrapped and Ubisoft washed their hands of the game. A few months ago it was hinted that ZombiU would be resurrected on other platforms and today, we have that confirmation.

ZombiU will release as Zombi on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on August 18. The game is being renamed to better coincide with the multi-platform release. The multiplayer component featured in ZombiU won’t be in the new game, as that mode required use of the Wii U GamePad so it has been cut to better accommodate other consoles.

Zombi producer Hélène Henry says the developers wanted to keep the core experience between the two versions of the game as close as possible. According to Henry, much of the time spent porting the game was dedicated to faster load times and better controls.

“A lot of time was spent getting the controls mapped as intuitively as possible, to keep the original atmosphere.”

Other gameplay changes include having the minimap on the main screen and while you have to press a dedicated button to access the backpack inventory, that function still doesn’t pause your game, so it now works similarly to looking at your inventory in the Souls series of games.

Two new melee weapons are in the game including a shovel and a nail bat and the flashlight mechanic is changing to offer players the ability to shine a wider, brighter beam that consumes more battery. Will you be picking this up in August?

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