Microsoft has released a new teaser page showcasing several of the upcoming New Xbox Experience features coming this fall." />

Cortana will help you play games in the New Xbox Experience

New details about the new upcoming Xbox One UI update have been released by Microsoft, providing a better look at what gamers can expect to greet them the next time the console is turned on. We still don’t have a concrete release date for the New Xbox Experience, but several new details have surfaced about some of the features included.

That includes the fact that Xbox One will now be more intelligent and better able to assist you through the help of Cortana. Cortana is Microsoft’s attempt at a personal assistant similar to Google Now and Siri. The difference is that Microsoft is putting Cortana on just about every platform it can, including those it doesn’t own, like Android.

So how will Cortana help you play games? Microsoft says the improved speech commands with natural dictation will help you communicate with friends faster, or look up quick information about the game you’re playing.

Are you excited to see what the New Xbox Experience has in store this fall?

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