Major Nelson doesn't leave Snoop Dogg hanging after his request to add his favorite Xbox 360 game to the backwards compatible list for Xbox One." />

Major Nelson responds to Snoop Dogg’s Xbox One petition


Early last week we reported that Snoop Dogg started his own campaign to get his favorite Xbox 360 game considered as part of the Xbox One backwards compatibility initiative. Microsoft offers a website where players can vote on their top games they want to see brought to the service. At time of writing, currently Black Ops 2 leads the pack, with Red Dead Redemption close behind. So what was Snoop’s favorite game? NCAA 14. He really loves college football.

The face of Xbox gaming for almost 10 years now, Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb responded to Snoop’s request to let him know that they’ll be putting his request on the list. Niiiiice.

It pays to be famous, especially if you want to play your old games on your new Xbox One.

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