Phil Spencer hints that Microsoft is up to the challenge of bringing PC streaming to Xbox One." />

Eventually you’ll be able to stream PC games on Xbox One


Microsoft has begun the rollout process for Windows 10 across the globe, which means Xbox fans who also own a PC will be able to play their Xbox from any room in the house using their laptop or Windows tablet.

While this is a huge plus, the PC has several exclusive titles not yet available on Xbox One. Many gamers want to be able to play those PC games on the Xbox One, making the two truly cross-stream compatible rather than having streaming only going one direction.

According to Xbox head Phil Spencer, it’s something Microsoft wants to do. Last week Spencer teased that full keyboard and mouse support would be on its way to Xbox One, which would be the precursor step needed in order to get PC games playable on Xbox One.

“It’s actually a little more challenging doing the encoding on the PC side to Xbox…” Phil Spencer said, but added that the “challenge is good.”



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