Microsoft debuted its new Elite controller during its E3 press conference, featuring swappable parts, paddles, and tons of button customization." />

Microsoft announces new Elite controller with swappable parts and paddles

While we’ve known the Xbox One controller is due for a controller redesign to include the standard 3.5mm jack and new and improved bumper buttons, Microsoft surprised us during their E3 keynote with an entirely new controller option called the Elite controller.

The new Elite controller has a completely overhauled D-Pad and triggers, but the best part is if you don’t like the placement of anything, you can quickly swap it. The other unique feature of the controller is the addition of finger paddles on the back, which is something most hardcore FPS players have custom modded in past controllers.

Other new features will include remappable buttons, thumbstick sensitivity curves, and trigger min/max values you can set to get the triggers to be just as responsible as you like. Check out the new trailer for the Elite controller above.

No availability information was shared outside of coming this holiday season.

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