The developers talk about about the risk and reward system behind The Division's PVP areas and Testers 'leak' the player count and bounty systems in the Dark Zone." />

The Division may have 100 player PVP [Rumor]

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Details concerning The Division have remained relatively unknown since its second appearance on an E3 stage in 2014, but with the release of the first episode of the official The Division Podcast more information is starting to be become available; perhaps even some information the developers weren’t ready to reveal. In their first podcast details concerning the different areas were discussed by Hamish Bode, Ryan Barnard and Martin Hultberg, but information concerning the player count in the Dark Zone was allegedly leaked by testers taking part in a super secret closed alpha.

For those of you who aren’t aware, The Division is divided into three sections: the open world, the Hub and the Dark Zone. Similar to Destiny, only certain characters can occupy certain areas at certain times, and their actions are limited depending on what area they are in. In The Division, the open world is the primary area where you and your friends can play together with PVE guidelines, the Hub is a non-combat area where you can resupply, meet up with teammates or just socialize with anyone you encounter and the Dark Zone is the PVP sections of the city where you and other players can battle it out for rare resources in the lawless and plague ridden streets.

It’s important to note that every area is independent of the others. If you don’t want to play against other players you don’t have to. Each area is completely option as Director Ryan Barnard explained, “What we really want to do is create a public space in the game that’s all opt in, so you know when you’re moving into an area there’s and added layer that, potentially, you can be engaged at any time from another player.”

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As an intensive to venture into the dangerous areas of Manhattan, rare items and special weapons are spread out to encourage exploration but collecting them isn’t guaranteed. In order to keep the sweet loot that you collect you have to escape the area. Ryan continued, “In the Dark Zone, the items that you come across, there’s something different about them. Once you’ve successfully extracted them, thenĀ  they’re permanent on your character, you cannot lose them [if] you go back into the Dark Zone.” But escaping is easier said than done, as extraction involves calling in a helicopter with a signal flare, potentially alerting nearby players of your location.

The Dark Zone already sounds amazing, but if a recent rumor turns out to be true, it’s going to be even better. Rumors stemming from testers of a closed alpha uncovered by reddit users reportedly spoke to the YouTube channel Open World Games and claim that the Dark Zone will hold between 50 and 100 players. They also talked about dynamic missions against tough AI with rival teams to help complete quests for high level loot rewards, as well as a wanted-style rating system that draws attention to the most dangerous individuals similar players with higher mental states in Grand Theft Auto V‘s online multiplayer.

The Division is scheduled to have its release date announced at E3 this year, though it is already confirmed to be some time in 2015 with exclusive content for Xbox One. Do these rumors sound to good to be true? Let us know in the comments!

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