I've been saying 2015 was going to be the biggest year in gaming since 2007 for a while now, and it looks like Bethesda just confirmed that. Go ahead and call out of work." />

Bethesda hosting an E3 Press Conference

Bethesda E3 Announcement

There are plenty of reasons to be excited for E3 this year, but a very unexpected announcement coming from publishing company Bethesda Softworks just gave us something to be even more of a reason to go ahead and let your boss know you won’t be able to make it to work on July 14th. EA and Ubisoft have been hosting their own press conference for several years now, and it looks like Bethesda wants in on the mind share.

But why do this now? What could Bethesda possibly have up its sleeves that warrants hosting its own press conference? Well up until now, Bethesda has relied on other publishers to help get their games on the big stage. But with Microsoft, Sony, EA and Ubisoft bringing their heavy hitters to the table this year, I’m willing to bet there wasn’t enough (read any) free space for Bethesda to market their own titles.

Fallout 4

Okay. So we know Bethesda is going to be hosting its first E3 press conference this year, but what should we expect to see announced? Fallout 4 of course! It’s been seven years since Bethesda Game Studios Fallout 3 was released, and another 4 years since they released Skyrim. At the very least an announcement for one of the two franchises is long overdue. But there are also smaller titles that might fly under the radar. Both Dishonored 2 and Doom 4 have already been confirmed, as has the console release of The Elder Scrolls Online. There’s also a super secret reboot of the reboot of Prey 2 that is rumored to be a thing, but that is a very faint whisper.

Whatever they have up their sleeves, it must be big if it’s worth hosting their own press conference. Those things don’t come cheap no matter who you are, and for them to fork out that kind of money during a year that everyone knows is going to be huge, well I can only say I hope it’s worth it.

Does this get you all excited about Fallout 4, or would you rather see The Elder Scrolls: VI? Let us know in the comments!

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