The Xbox One's Kinect might not be the only accessory bundled with Microsoft's new console in the near future. " />

Microsoft reportedly developing a VR headset for Xbox One


The Xbox One’s Kinect might not be the only accessory bundled with Microsoft’s new console in the near future. The company is reportedly working on a VR headset for the Xbox One that will compete against the Oculus Rift and Sony’s rumored product. Citing sources familiar with the matter, The Wall Street Journal says that Microsoft has filed a patent related to this project and that it’s developing it along with something else internally known as “Fortaleza,” which means fortress in Portuguese.

The release of the Kinect helped the Xbox 360’s reach a new audience and arguably extended the consoles life span. Perhaps Microsoft is looking to do something similar with the Xbox One by introducing a VR headset at some point during the console’s lifecycle. Since none of this has been formally announced, we’ve reached out to the folks in Redmond for comment and will update things here if we hear anything noteworthy.

[via WSJ]

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  • Tx2


    • companyoflosers

      not for at least 3 generations of vr tech id say. would be nice though… you know except the mind trapped in a death game part XD

      • Orion Wolf

        Well there are always alternatives… Mr. Villain in glasses xD

    • TheJaeBird

      Or Tron

  • bizzy gie


  • companyoflosers

    i think this is the first time sony and microsoft arent copying nintendo. instead they are copying oculus rift when they really should be finding ways to integrate oculus onto their own systems rather than wasting r&d and manufacturing money making their own. i really think just using oculus would be the best option. ts already pretty far along in development almost to the point of completion and one of them could maybe even steal it away from the other by offering an exclusivity deal. seriously though, whats with the constant copying of ideas though?! encorporate and work together! dont rip off what you werent smart enough to think of!!!

    • Chronic Gang

      Itd be cool to see nintendo work with people at oculus rift and creat a exclusive game like first person zelda or a metroid game lol but I think the oculus rift is going to be the most powerful one

      • John Andalora

        Afraid Nintendo’s got more pressing matters to attend to.
        Like non-wearable health and fitness….

        • Chronic Gang

          Yeah what ever the hell that means

    • rsco6969

      I do believe sony had their camera with limited motion with the PS2

    • y0gabagaba

      It’s called innovation. You also can do it the way YOU want to do it without having to deal with another corporations licensing agreements and lack of flexibility.

      It’s ALWAYS better to do it yourself if you have the resources and can execute well. This is basically what drives America and the reason most of the best ideas and companies come out of the US.

  • Bugboymike

    I have nothing to say.

  • Eric Gutierrez

    Can’t wait how this will work with the Kinect!

  • TomDobo

    Should be awesome hope its a reasonable price though.

  • SLUG


  • bizzy gie

    Sony’s rumored project was just confirmed.

    • Bugboymike

      Happy to be proved wrong, but I can’t see people rushing out for this?

      • bizzy gie

        What? Morpheus, Oculus Rift, and MS’ rumored headset or just Project Morpheus?

        • Chronic Gang

          Im geussing project morpheus caus we like no nothing about it and to me it just looks like an cheaper alternative to the oculus rift……not saying microssofts is going to be better but I think illl just be picking up the original

        • Bugboymike

          Sorry, I meant VR headsets! Can’t see ppl rushing out to buy them!

  • rsco6969

    Project Morpheus isn’t a rumour it’s confirmed.