While some call it a bonafide demo, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is now ready to scratch your itch for some stealth action on Xbox One. " />

PSA: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes now available for Xbox One


While some call it a bonafide demo, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is now ready to scratch your itch for some stealth action on Xbox One. A prologue to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, this sampler offers a little bit over an hour of gameplay. In addition to preparing you for a return to Hideo Kojima’s twisted universe of stealth, war and weirdness, Ground Zeroes will help you get used to hearing Kiefer Sutherland’s take on Snake — he still sounds like Jack Bauer to us. In any event, if you can get around the game’s steep $30 asking price, it’s waiting for you at the Xbox Game Store. Hopefully you can afford to give up 4.58GB of hard drive real estate.

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  • TheJaeBird

    He is no Hayter…I really hope he is still voicing Solid Snake. With that said…this game rocks all kinds of socks.

  • OC Guy

    I don’t know… The X1 port seems to have been rushed. This game should have had no problem running at 1080p 60fps on the X1… Maybe I’ll pick up a used copy down the road if it doesn’t coast more then $10…That’s about all a two hour game is worth to me anyway.

    • TomDobo

      A game of that length should be dlc price seems its no longer than 2 hours. Xbox one has no problem running it at 1080p 60fps. I think its the fact of metal gear solid being a PlayStation exclusive for all these years they made that version look better.

    • Avpfan13

      It looks just like the PS4 version. I think Konami fuzzes up the graphics comparison vids in the X1 side because it is sharp and crisp. Gorgeous game overall.

    • Dakan45

      stupid xbone muppet, die

  • Ace J

    has anyone played this yet?? i’m scared to go out and buy it. i still think $30 bucks is a little bit too much for what they are offering. so if anyone can tell me how it is i would appreciate it.

    • Eric Gutierrez

      Don’t buy it. It’s not worth 30 bucks for gameplay with a MAX of 2 hours

    • TheJaeBird

      Yes…it’s worth it. Two hours is the amount it takes for the main mission. You unlock a bunch of other missions to complete. The level is about the same size as MGS1 without the loading screens. You can unlock character skins and weapons. It’s definitely worth the buy. Take it for some one that actually owns it and has played it. You will not be disappointed at all. But be warned…some heart wrenching stuff happens in this game. Be prepared for the feels.

    • The Unknown Legacy

      i got it on the PS4 and as a long time MGS fan who LOVED MGS4 and MGO i will tell you now that it is definitely worth it. Its only 2 hours for the campaign mission but u got other missions. And if you’re like me, you’re going to try to beat every level on hard without killing anyone or being seen once and collecting everything possible. Thats what makes every MGS game amazing. The replay value is just awesome

  • Eric Gutierrez

    Dont buy it it’s not worth 30 bucks for gameplay with a MAX of 2 hours

  • GhostRanger

    This is Hideos worst game of all looks like it lasted only 1 hour and that’s it it should of been 15 need 10 used

  • Dalton

    I played it, it’s not bad, it’s a little short, but upon beating the game you unlock some side missions. Which made me feel a little less cheated.