Today the guys over at Respawn have decided to give us a walkthrough of what we'll find in Titanfall's Collector's Edition." />

Titanfall Collectors Edition Unboxing [VIDEO]

While the guys over at Respawn have shown us examples of what can fit inside Titanfall’s Collector’s Edition box, today the team has decided to give us a look at what its $250 package has to offer. In addition to a sneak peek, the crew shows us how to assemble the behemoth of a statue that anchros the box.

With its release window drawing ever closer, those of you who have yet to pre-order your copy of Titanfall, and are interested in receiving a $10 Xbox digital gift card, you can get in on this special promotion by ordering from Microsoft’s official online store.

Titanfall will be releasing on March 11 for Xbox One and PC, with the Xbox 360 release coming on March 23rd.

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