Ridley Scott set to produce an untitled feature length Halo film [RUMOR]

Well now, this sure is exciting news for early hours on a Monday! If a recent Twitter conversation involving Film & TV production tracking database Production Weekly is to be believed, Alien and Blade Runner director Ridley Scott could be bringing Master Chief to the big screen. While the tweet containing the confirmation has since been removed, the tweet that instigated the conversation is still alive and kicking.

But this is the internet, so of course someone screen-capped the conversation before it could be removed.

Halo Movie Twitter conversation

Now, before we all start assuming that Production Weekly was merely confusing Ridley Scott with Steven Spielberg and his already-in-the-works Halo TV series, it’s worth noting that PW made a point to distinguish the two as separate projects.

So could it be? Could we finally be getting the Halo movie we’ve been dreaming of for all these years? It seems like we very well might, and with Ridley Scott attached to production, I couldn’t be more excited!

[via Official Xbox Magazine]

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