Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass sizzle reel reminds you what $50 will get you [VIDEO]

If you’re into first-person shooters, statistically there’s a good chance you picked up Call of Duty: Ghosts. While you may have invested $60 towards the game already, Activision wants to tempt you to dig a little deeper into your pockets by purchasing Ghosts’ $50 Season Pass.

Packed with four map packs: Onslaught, Invasion, Devastation and Nemesis, this content pass also includes an MP player head and special weapon camo. In addition to its digital extras, Season Pass holders who upgrade from the Xbox 360 to Xbox One version of Ghosts by May 31st, 2014 will be able to transfer their content without any additional charges.

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  • TomDobo

    I payed £20 yesterday for mine

  • Bugboymike

    It really annoys me that they try and fleece more money out of you. You should buy the game and get the rest for free.

  • Dennis

    But for me, I play now on 360 and XB1, switching between to play with friends who have XB1 and one’s who can’t for one reason or another afford the new system. I’m going to have to buy TWO? There is no reason you can’t use it between your tags…I already bought TWO copies of the game…seriously.