B. Orchid’s return trailer reveals that Spinal is coming to Killer Instinct [VIDEO]

We already knew that B. Orchid was making her grand return to Killer Instinct, but a newly released trailer has provided a glimpse of things to come. After a nice montage where the femme fatale beats the brakes off of Jago, the video bleeds into a clip of the game’s next new character reveal, Spinal.

If you ask us, the bone man never looked better. Check out the trailer and share your thoughts on who might be the next character making their return to the KI universe.

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  • bizzy gie

    0:16 “mmm mmm mmmmm”

    Yeah. Mmm mmm mmmmmmmmm indeed. ;p

  • Arthur Hughes

    so glad this game is only $20, I probably never would of spent $60 at one time for a fighting game since I typically do not like them. However Nostalgia is easily worth the $20.

    • bizzy gie

      Or $40 if you the premium version.

  • Gilbert Nicks

    $40 version all the way… and if season 2 offers KI2 or KIgold ill gladly drop another $40

  • Morris ヅ

    can not wait for this played it and its got me HYPED bro…

  • TomDobo

    Game looks awesome. Can’t wait to play this

  • Guest

    bizzy gie IP:

    • leafsfan73

      why would you post his IP address?

  • Ace J

    Orchid was my main. she is one Bad B***h. and Spinal looks like a efing boss!!
    I am super butt hurt that this game is a Xbox One exclusive. *sigh* guess I will take my Sony fanboy ass back over to ps4daily now…….

    • leafsfan73

      Save your money I buy both…

      • Ace J

        save my money? buy both? what?