Xbox One Game DVR automatically records gameplay when Achievements are unlocked [VIDEO] (UPDATE)

Achievements are a big deal for many competitive gamers and up until now the only proof of capturing a game’s grand reward was an entry in your profile and a bump in your Gamerscore. However the Xbox One will do things in a different way.

In an interview with YouTuber ChampChong, Xbox exec Adam Pollington revealed that the Xbox One will automatically record Achievements as they’re unlocked. In addition, users will be able to edit and share their success stories with friends and rivals via the console’s built-in Game DVR.

Pollington didn’t explain how this feature will work, so we’ll reach out to Microsoft for details and will update things once information becomes available.

Update: Regarding this feature’s mechanics, a Microsoft spokesperson emailed us the following:

Xbox One keeps a rolling record of your most recent gameplay, and there are two main ways for this video to be captured by Game DVR. First, game developers mark “greatest clips” that happen within the game that represent fun and interesting moments within gameplay, such as when you unlock certain Achievements. Additionally, you can also issue commands, with either your voice or the controller, to capture interesting moments you would like to record or that just happened.

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  • JamaIn4no

    Its a great idea, good concept. i know when i get a achievement and my buddy wanted help on getting it, i always forget how it was done, how i gotten it. many times i didn’t even know i gotten it.

    now being able to go to my profile, or anyone else- ad hover over an achievement i can see how it was done.

    • bizzy gie

      Often, you get an achievement for just completing a basic part of the game.

      Hopefully, MS will know to only record the hidden ones and and not the ones everybody will get eventually anyway.

      • JamaIn4no


      • TheRedButterfly

        Why would they need to differentiate? And why would you want anyone to restrict the experience? Just because you don’t plan on using it doesn’t mean that nobody else will. A noteworthy example as to why they should include ALL achievements? Defeating a boss in Dark Souls. That actually IS an achievement, so uploading that makes complete sense!

        (Obviously Dark Souls isn’t going to be on XBO, but I’m sure there will be games that mimmic it due to its success.)

        • bizzy gie

          This feature is clearly to help others with getting harder to do or hidden Achievements.

          What sense does it make to record the Achievement for just booting up the game?

          Everyody will eventually get that Achievement anyway.

          If someone HAS to beat a boss to progress in the game and you get an Achievement for beating th boss, that doesn’t need to be recorded.

          Everybody who plays the game will eventually get to that boss and eventually get the Achievement.

          However, this is useful for getting Achievements where you have to find and break 15 hidden pots or something of that nature.

          Like the Trophy you get in TLOU for listening to Ellie’s jokes. She’ll only tell them if you wait a long time and someone may never figure that out without assisted help.

          • TheRedButterfly

            You’re missing the point. Why bother coding in the specifics of when to/not to record specific achievements? If you need a scapegoat, blame laziness. There’s no necessary reason to go out of your way to make sure that an automated feature discontinues itself when the player receives an unskippable achievement.

            But more importantly, are we seriously having this debate?! Of all the things to talk about, are you seriously trying to say that recording all of something instead of only some of it is a good thing?! Oh right… I forgot you’d argue with a rock if someone painted an Xbox logo on it.

          • bizzy gie

            It’ll waste harddrive space recording all those clips. That’s why this should be limited to easter eggs.

            We’re having this debate because you continuously keep trying to pick arguments with me.

            Leave me alone and I’ll be peaceful on this site.

          • TheRedButterfly

            You (we) might want to read up on the update to the story. The automatic achievement filming is being implemented by developers, not Microsoft. My (our?) prior assumptions were based on the unspecified and assumed mechanics of the feature.

            “First, game developers mark ‘greatest clips’ that happen within the game that represent fun and interesting moments within gameplay, such as when you unlock certain Achievements.”

            I’m responding to your comment, not attacking you. I disagree, and am trying to get you to see my POV. If that’s an “attack,” I feel you need to redefine “attack” and/or take less offense to someone disagreeing with you.

          • bizzy gie

            I read the update which should end this conversation, but I’ll continue.

            I never brought up the term “attack”.

            I stated that you keep trying to pick ARGUMENTS with me.

            Which synonym would you prefer? Debate, fight, disagreement?

            Pick your tea.

            I don’t care.

            You asked a question. I answered it.

            No offense was taken.

            How did you even come to the concluding part of your comment?

  • Rocco

    Good for people that have Achievement Addiction Syndrome! Like Me! ;)

    • bluSPECTRE

      guilty ._.

  • TheRedButterfly

    If I could count the times that I’ve wanted this to be a thing on the 360, I’d be counting for quite a while…

    • John Vidal Perez

      Same here!