Achievements on Xbox One will be accompanied by Challenges and backed by the cloud, but what will they look like? Like most things in the Xbox universe, Microsoft's popular player reward system has received a facelift. A recent developer walkthrough of Crimson Dragon casually revealed how Achievements will look on Xbox One. " />

Here’s what Achievement notifications look like on Xbox One [VIDEO]

Achievements on Xbox One will be accompanied by Challenges and backed by the cloud, but what will they look like? Like most things in the Xbox universe, Microsoft’s popular player reward system has received a facelift. A recent developer walkthrough of Crimson Dragon casually revealed how Achievements will look on Xbox One.

At around the 2:50 mark you’ll hear that familiar but satisfying sound, along with a quick pop-up showing how much the awarded Achievement was worth. There’s also a bit of an odd tone after the Achievement displays itself, but we’re not sure if it’s from the actual game or if it’s some type of audio issue with the crew’s recording.

As for those of you looking forward Crimson Dragon on launch day, consider this near hour long video demonstration an added bonus.

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  • Arthur Hughes

    They changed the achievement sound

    • bluSPECTRE

      I think that beep at the end was the guy on the left saying something – possibly even him getting ‘bleeped’ out for swearing or something. Pretty sure that’s not part of the actual notification audio.

    • Morris ヅ

      at what time does it pop up i dont want to watch hole stream…?

  • Cole Brinley

    I liked the original sound better but the new pop-up is kinda cool.

    • bluSPECTRE

      I couldn’t tell a difference in the audio? But I like the new pop-up much more. The old one was nice, but it’s started to show it’s age.

  • Arthur Hughes
  • Arthur Hughes

    on the fence about which to get at launch

    • bizzy gie

      You can’t count all Xbox One’s launch titles versus only PS4’s AAAs. If you counted all PS4’s launch games, the PS4 side would destroy Xbox One’s.

      Then Sony has more and better established IP than MS so list will get even longer.

      But I know you don’t care for facts so just reply your typical Ad hominem and we’ll call it a day.

      • Arthur Hughes

        not a AAA game on the ps4 side.

        • bizzy gie

          Shadow Fall and Knack are.

          Resogun isn’t, but will be free with PS+ and every PS4 buyer gets two weeks of free PS+.

          Killer Instinct
          Powerstar Golf

          Peggle 2
          are not AAA games.

          • Arthur Hughes

            still see nothing to add to the list you fucking joke

            Killzone 3rd tier FPS
            KI is a top of the line fighter.

          • bizzy gie

            A list would be wasted on you. You don’t consider my arguments at all.

            What makes Shadow Fall 3rd tier? You’re ass which holds most of your arguments?

            Shadow Fall is a much bigger, much more impressive game than Killer Instinct.

            I’m mean really? You’ll call a 2D 720p “free-to-play” cash grab AAA, but a beautiful 1080p, true next gen, shooter 3rd tier (whatever that means)?

            You, sir, are the definition of fanboy.

          • Arthur Hughes

            pathetic, cant add anything to the list making stupid comments still.

            Killzone is the worst FPS coming out. KI best fighter coming out.

            Once again your a fucking clueless idiot.

            Bizzy = Sony Tool trying to defend the worst launch line up since the N64 (at least they had mario)

          • bizzy gie

            War Thunder, Blacklight: Retribution, Tiny Brains, Warframe, DC Universe Online, all launch console exclusives. That’s off the top of my head.

            Again, what makes Shadow Fall the worst FPS coming out? Because it’s exclusive to PS4? Do you think the Xbox version of Ghosts is the best while Ghosts PlayStation version is the worst?

            Injustice: Gods Among Us is very fun and Killer Instinct hasn’t shown to surpass that game at all. It’s a generic fighter with a cash-grab angle.

            You praise games that are exclusive to Xbox One and hate games that are exclusive to PS4.

            You, sir, are the definition of a fanboy.

          • Arthur Hughes

            war thunder- pc
            Blacklight- pc
            tiny brains – xbl and pc
            Warframe- pc
            DC- pc

            and considering P2W games as launch games is just sad.

            BF4 and COD are both better than Killzone by leaps and bounds.

            To young to know anything about Killer instinct.

            Good luck on trying to add to the list, your first pathetic attempt has and will continue to go down on the list of just sad.

          • bizzy gie

            That’s why I stated CONSOLE exclusive. I know comprehension isn’t a strong suit for you, but come on.

            And I’d take any of those games over Power Golf, Lococycle, Peggle 2, and Killer Instinct any day.

            Too young to know about the Rare game released on a Nintendo platform?

            Killer Instinct is pay to pay.

            Your opinion, but you only have that opinion because Shadow Fall is exclusive to PS4. The game looks great and is much improved from its predecessors.

          • Arthur Hughes

            Killer instinct came out 20 yrs ago I know your not old enough to remember.

            Killer instinct is a $20 fighting game best deal for a game on the new consoles. and once again you have no game to add.

          • bizzy gie

            I didn’t ask how old KI was. You’re assuming I’m an adolescent even though you’re the one who uses obsessive profanity and childish insults on a consistent basis.

            KI, the “f2p” game, is also $40 plus even more costs to come from season 2.

          • Arthur Hughes

            You are a child living with his parents.

            KI is $20 for the game. If you want pretty costumes and ot play the original its another $20. But it is only $20 for KI.

          • bizzy gie

            $20 for all the characters plus season 2 for the new slew of characters coming.

            So I’m a child because you say so?

            Well I don’t want to continue losing brain cells from your comments so I’m going to end the conversation right here. Don’t reply (who am I kidding? you can’t help yourself).

          • Arthur Hughes

            Answer Question do you still live with your mommy/daddy.

          • Slickst3r

            WOW an additional $20 in 2014 WOW! You do know 40$ + 20$= $60 right? You do know there are games that are released at $60 not including DLC right?

          • The True Gamer

            DC universe was for ps3, and it was terrible.

          • bizzy gie

            That’s your opinion which you are entitled to.

            The game looks like fun to me.

          • Slickst3r

            If K.I was such a cash grab game why does it cost 20$ and 40$ with all the DLC? You do know that all the games coming out are priced at 60$ not including DLC. How is this game a “cash grab”?

          • The True Gamer

            I think Killzone Shadowfall will be good, but not memorable or long lasting. No Killzone ever is, it will be a great launch title, but an ok game. Killzone is kind of strange how it’s sluggish but you can’t aim fast, and it’s just strange, I don’t think killer instinct and shadow fall can be compared. One is free, one isn’t. I think many people will forget about Shadowfall after any other ps exclusives launch, just because the games aren’t the best usually. I wouldn’t say its a bad game, just past ones felt like strange fps games.

          • bizzy gie

            Shadow Fall is much improved from past iterations. They should have just dropped the name altogether, but I can guarantee you Shadow Fall will be the biggest Killzone ever. It’s already been pre-ordered more than any other next gen exclusive game.

            Killer Instinct isn’t free.

          • Arthur Hughes

            much improved LOL

          • bizzy gie

            Customizable Warzones, new and unique leveling up system, new gameplay mechanics, and of course the best graphics of any shooter confirmed thus far.

          • Arthur Hughes


            Your making my side hurt im laughing so hard.

            Killzone just keeps falling further and further behind COD/BF. Its even down to be one of 2 exclusives and nobody cares about it.

          • bizzy gie

            No facts. Debating with you is redundant.

          • Arthur Hughes

            actually everything said their is fact. ask your mommy/daddy im sure they are sitting their next to you.

          • bizzy gie

            It’s opinion. YOUR opinion. Which you are entitled to. Nothing I type will change that.

            You’re too mesmerized by the Xbox logo.

          • Arthur Hughes

            you wish it was. their are facts present. #1 preordered Next Gen game in the US is Ghosts on the x1 followed by Ghosts on the PS3 followed by BF4. Killzone will just keep falling futher and further behind.

            You know why? Its a after thought in the FPS world. A garbage game that nobody would even be talking about if it wasnt a launch title.

          • bizzy gie

            Ghosts is cross-gen.

            BF4 is cross-gen.

            They’re current gen games with minor tweaks for next gen hardware.

          • Arthur Hughes

            And Killzone is a joke in the FPS world.

          • Slickst3r

            But I thought Battlefield 4 for the PC has better graphics.

          • One of the reasons it’s been preordered so much is because of its being one of PS4’s 2 AAA next gen. exclusives. And its still behind both COD and Battlefield (as of late august, orders have more than doubled for COD by this point).

            XBO’s exclusives are split a bit further since there are so many more than PS4’s, but they still total near the same as the PS4 exclusive totals.

          • bizzy gie

            I’ve looked at a comparison chart and PS4 version of multiplats are significantly outselling Xbox One versions of multiplats.

            COD always sells well no matter what so its sales doubling mean nothing.

            There are more exclusive launch AAAs than Sony. That’s it.

          • And it makes sense that PS4’s multi-plat games are “outpreordering” XBO’s, as it’s fairly understood that more people have the PS4 preordered. But the fact that Killzone has so many more preorders than any XBO exclusive is because it’s [really] the only choice that people have as far as Sony Exclusive IPs. You get a console for the exclusives, not the multiplats. And when you only have one [real] option as far as exclusives to choose from? Everyone will be ordering that one. Common sense bro. When you have one option, everyone chooses said option. But when you have multiple options, the choices are spread across the field.

            PS4’s and XBO’s exclusive pre-order totals are incredibly close, so the fact that everyone on PS is choosing their only option isn’t exactly a talking point.

          • bizzy gie

            PS4 is also securing more exclusive content for multiplats.

            Plus half of Xbox One’s launch lineup is shovelware (tell me you’re going to buy Power Golf or Peggle 2 on day one).

            This link is from late August which only less than 2 months ago.

            If you exclude the multiplats and only count the totals, Xbox One has 203,373 total exclusive pre-orders while PS4 has 262,692 total exclusive pre-orders.

            The total amount of Xbox One exclusives doesn’t even come close to just Shadow Fall’s pre-orders alone.

            Plus that’s only launch PS4 games (Shadow Fall and Knack).

          • lol Of course I won’t be! And I’m sure the same goes for you with DiveKick, Pinball Arcade, Super Motherload, Switch Galaxy Ultra, Resogun, and more than likely some of the FTPs.

            I’m more than aware of that. In fact, I’ve considered sending it to you multiple times. And considering how well the PS4 is rumored to be outselling the XBO, you’d think that the exclusives would have a larger margin than 29% – especially if the supposed 1,000,000+ PS4 preorders are to be believed.

            But considering the footing that XBO has gotten over the past 2 months, I’d like to see up-to-date numbers. No doubt both are higher.

          • bizzy gie

            Wow! Look at how fast you change perspective.

            You: “PS4’s and XBO’s exclusive pre-order totals are incredibly close”

            Me: “If you exclude the multiplats and only count the totals, Xbox One has 203,373 total exclusive pre-orders while PS4 has 262,692 total exclusive pre-orders.”

            You: “Of course I won’t be! And I’m sure the same goes for you with DiveKick, Pinball Arcade, Super Motherload, Switch Galaxy Ultra, Resogun, and more than likely some of the FTPs.”

            ” And considering how well the PS4 is rumored to be outselling the XBO…”

            “…you’d think that the exclusives would have a larger margin than 29% ”

            What happened to “incredibly close”?

            Keep in mind that those numbers are 4 Xbox One exclusives vs. only 2 PS4 exclusives. The margin is larger than 29% (which, judging from your past numbers, may not be accurate to begin with).

            It’s actually 1.5 million+ PS4 pre-orders.

          • I never said I’d be playing Peggle 2. In fact, I’ve said in a few conversations on here (maybe not with you, I can’t remember) that I’m not a huge fan. Though I know people who are even if I’m not one of them.

            Considering the preorder difference, that is incredibly close.

            Did you miss the little “+” at the end of “1,000,000”?

          • bizzy gie

            It’s not incredibly close.

            I corrected you accordingly. You stated 1,000,000+. I stated 1.5 million+.

          • Slickst3r

            Isn’t the Xbox One being sold at 13 countries and the PS4 32 countries?

          • Slickst3r

            Everyone will forget about Killzone when the next Halo game releases.

          • bluSPECTRE

            Please. Everyone will forget about Killzone long before then. It’ll have to out last both Titanfall and Destiny long before it can even attempt to compete with Halo!

          • You clearly don’t know what a 2D fighter is.

          • TomDobo

            Xbox one gets 2 weeks free live.

          • bizzy gie


          • TomDobo

            You seriously need to read up more about the xbox one. This site doesn’t tell you everything you know.

          • bizzy gie

            Of course not. The Daily sites are always low to news. By the time they post an article, I’ve know about for 1 or more days.

            That 14 day Gold trial is only for the Day One edition. The 14 day trial for PS+ is for EVERYONE who purchases PS4.

          • TomDobo

            Well I honestly don’t even know the contents of the standard package for all we know it could come with live.

          • he should know that xbox gets free 2weeks 1months things often. in game cases, rewards, random acts of kindness, exp point weekend. so stating that seems like a false way to hype

      • Arthur Hughes

        also please add on the PS4 only launch games the list is missing

      • TomDobo

        Halo vs killzone ? We all know who wins

        • bizzy gie

          If you use previous iterations. Shadow Fall is much, much improved over its predecessors.

          • TomDobo

            Yes it is. But it will never be as good as halo.

          • Arthur Hughes

            Shadow fall will be the same garbage gorilla has always put out.

          • bizzy gie

            Your opinion, but Shadow Fall is moving Killzone forward as 343 is dragging Halo backwards. Bungie is by far much better than 343. Halo 3 was the best Halo imo. Halo Reach and Halo 4 just weren’t as good.

          • TomDobo

            Reach is the best by far with the story and gameplay. 343 is part of bungie that stuck to the halo franchise. As 343 has only brought 2 games of halo out (one being CE anniversary) and halo 4 you do not know what there capable of and neither do I. But I still think there’s life in the halo series as 4 wasn’t as bad as you make it out to be. Plus any halo game has sold more than killzone 1,2 and 3 combined.

          • bizzy gie

            I’m not comparing previous Killzones. I only discuss Shadow Fall. Not that sales determine fun.

            Most people agree that Reach and 4 were slips. They may bring it back, but 343 is no Bungie. That’s for sure.

          • TomDobo

            Of course not. Bungie is possibly the greatest developer out there and I’m really excited for destiny. It’s just I hope the halo series comes back strong and hopefully the xbox one with all it’s power can prove it to be a worthy franchise again. Reach was Bungie’s last game and I think it was a great way to end their cycle of halo with a great game.

          • bizzy gie

            I would just like to take a minute to compare the normal, level-headed, mature conversation we’re having to the sh*t-show that’s going on with Arthur.

          • Slickst3r

            Destiny looks like Defiance.

          • Slickst3r

            Halo Reach was made by Bungie. Halo 4 had a good story. Killzone wont look better than the next Halo game.

          • Good one 343 industries takes 343 steps back.

          • TomDobo

            Bad joke.

        • bizzy gie

          Video from 2006.

          3rd party game.

          Yeah. That’s relevant.

          • Not sure what it being 3rd party has to do with anything, as Peggle 2 is also 3rd party.

          • bizzy gie

            It means people weren’t excited for a non-Sony game.

        • ….

    • I see only 2 franchises on xbox one: Dead Rising 3 and Forza Motorsport 5.


      • The True Gamer

        And for ps4? Knack and Killzone. Am I supposed to lol?

      • You’re forgetting Crimson Dragon, Killer Instinct, Loco Cycle, Fighter Within, Powerstar Golf, Ryse: Son of Rome and Zoo Tycoon. (Obviously, this list doesn’t include the multi-plats.)

    • rsco6969

      xbox one – same games different name no variety ps4 isn’t afraid to ditch beat em ups and shooters, give me action adventure rpg anyday over shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter shooter racing racing racing racing racing beat em up beat em up beat em up beat em up beat em up beat em up beat em up beat em up beat em up beat em up beat em up beat em up

      • The irony in your comment? PlayStation 4 is the one releasing with an FPS, not Xbox.

        • bizzy gie

          Xbox One has Titanfall, Halo 5, timed content for Ghosts, timed content for BF4.

          • The True Gamer

            Is that a bad thing?

          • bizzy gie

            No, but Xbox One is just as shooter, shooter, shooter, as ever.

          • PS4 launch shooters:
            1.) Battlefield 4
            2.) Blacklight Retrebution
            3.) Call of Duty: Ghosts
            4.) Killzone: Shadowfall
            5.) Planetside 2

            Xbox One launch shooters:
            1.) Battlefield 4
            2.) Call of Duty: Ghosts

            PS4 has 250% more FPSs launching with it than Xbox One does. Xbox is known for the popularity of shooters in it, but it’s more than apparent that Sony is trying to get in on that stereotype.

          • bizzy gie

            This looks to me that Sony will have more launch games in general.

            While a game being launch means NOTHING (250%? where do even get your numbers from), I’m glad Sony is focusing more on the shooter/online this time around because they’ve already got emotional single player mastered (Heavy Rain, The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls, etc.).

            In BF4, you swipe the touchpad to throw a grenade which is much more realistic. So PS4 will be able to match Xbox One in the shooter department, but will be unparagoned when it comes to more emotional, thinking games.

          • Sure it will have a higher numerical total, but the titles that make up that list are forgettable, at best, or already out on different platforms. (Not referring to BF4 or AC4 or multi-plats like that.) If we remove the PS3 -> PS4 ports and PC Indie/FTP titles, PS4 has 15 games launching with it (14 if you don’t include Minecraft). XBO has 19 games launching with it (18 if you don’t include Crimson Dragon).

            Whether or not you would like to admit it, launch does matter. Obviously it isn’t the most important part of the console’s lifespan, but early-adoption is key for mindshare. And what causes early adoption? Software. Price-points are important too, but nobody would pay $100 less for a console with no games on it. (I got 250% from simple math. 5/2 = 2.5, which = 250%. This is like 6th grade level math here bro.) I agree it is a good thing for Sony fans that Sony is finally starting to take an interest in that genre, but it’s almost too little to late IMO. Last gen. was the FPS gen., and Sony barely bothered to show up, which lead FPS players onto Xbox or PC. Now Sony is trying to regain some ground in the genre, but who in their right mind plays PlayStation for the shooter(s)? The brand is practically synonymous with Single-player.

            That sounds like a terribly ineffective way to throw a granada… Pulling LT is much easier, reliable, and doesn’t require you abandoning either the ability to look or move. Having to completely stop what you’re doing – even if it’s only for a brief moment – to swipe a touchscreen? Let’s hope that you can configure your controls to avoid that mistake.

            And PS4 won’t ever be able to match XBO in the shooter roster. Halo holds its weight on its own, but now you’ve also got Titanfall to consider.

          • bluSPECTRE

            Don’t forget whatever Black Tusk Studios is working on! :D (I’m assuming it’s an FPS since it’s labeled as “the next Halo”)

          • bizzy gie

            Removing games won’t do anything. Most people aren’t PC gamers and have never played Planetside 2, Warframe, DC Universe Online, War Thunder, etc.

            Indie games are some of the most creative games in the world. I’d hate to miss out on them.

            The rest of this part is copied from your other post and I already destroyed that logic of yours.

            Your math is incorrect which is what befuddled me. 250% equals 2.5. How the fuck is PS4 launching with 0.5 more shooters? You might want to go back to school.

            More people are getting PS4 and it looks like with launch, PS4 will establish itself as the shooter/online console while also maintaining its very well-respected single player status. It’ll be the all-in-one console in terms of games especially with one of the most diverse game lineups ever. As I stated before, indies count.

            Triggers shoot. It’s R1, R, and RB that throw grenades. The touchpad is in the center of the controller and very accessible. It’s a subtle advancement that allows for better immersion. Especially if the touchpad allows us to control power. It be a seamless motion that won’t require you to stop anything.

            If 343 manages not to ruin Halo. It’s Bungie that made Halo what it is. Don’t forget that. Titanfall is just COD with robots suits. Plus it’s not an Xbox One exclusive unlike Shadow Fall.

          • bizzy gie

            Reply to your other post as its under moderation.

            The indie games on PS4 aren’t copies of other games. Your opinion of indies are yours. You’re only exaggerating your nonexistent hate for indies to argue my point.

            I destroyed it.

            Don’t mistake me for an adolescent because YOU screwed up. You shouldn’t have given me your little math bio because that’s truly pathetic. 250%=2.5. You sated that PS4 is launching with 250% more shooters than Xbox One. That means that you stated PS4 is launching with 2.5 more shooters than Xbox One. What’s that 0.5 extra game? You messed up. Be a big boy and accept that. You didn’t even have to divide anything. All you had to do was look at your comparison list and see that PS4 is launching with 3 more shooters not 2.5. You aced every math course you touched, but can’t use common sense to save your life.

            Sony may or may not want Titanfall. They probably don’t and it’s a waste of time to make baseless assumptions.

            You haven’t actually used the touchpad which is directly in front of the controller and very accessible. If you truly think the touchpad is an added distraction (just jelly because Sony added a new controller input while the best MS did was make the triggers vibrate), you must hate using laptops.

            You typed it yourself. Halo 4 was no Halo 2 or Halo 3. I never stated Halo 4 was bad. It received very good ratings. I stated that 343 is dragging the franchise down. We’ll have to see how Halo 5 (or Halo 4 with some subtitle) turns out. My hopes aren’t up though.

            Shadow Fall is the only true next gen shooter. COD, BF4, and Titanfall are cross gen. It easily takes the cakes for graphics, Normally, I wouldn’t use graphics as an argument, but considering that’s all shooter fans typically care about, it’ll sway shooter fans. Shadow Fall has strong pre-orders to back up its desire too. Shadow Fall also changes up some generic mechanics most shooters have.

          • The only thing I screwed up on was my wording, and using the term “more” instead of “times as many.” Though looking back, I’m not surprised you couldn’t figure that out.

            You haven’t used the touchpad either. And for the most part, yeah, I hate using trackpads. Same goes for tablets and most smart phones. (iPhone is responsive enough to where I’m okay with it.) As I stated in another reply, rumble is very important to me, so that feature is more interesting than DS4’s trackpad and light bar.

            Halo 4 was not only 343’s first project as a single development studio, but also their first crack at Halo! If you expected perfection, you’re delusional! Even someone as renowned as Naughty Dog didn’t get Uncharted “right” until its second installment.

            Considering how Sony touts that every PS4 game will play on Vita, I wouldn’t consider it the true next gen shooter you’re spouting about. If a handheld can play it, so can a last-gen console. And if you know anything about shooter fans (or gaming fans in general (which you clearly don’t) it isn’t about graphics; it’s about gameplay. Look no further than Counter Strike, or remember back to any conversation we’ve had about which Halo is the best. (Here’s a hint: Halo 2). Gameplay is king when it comes to shooters, and that’s why COD has kept it’s title (regardless of whether or not we think it should)… COD’s graphics are garbo, but the gameplay is solid. Do I like it? No. But as someone who knows their way around a shooter or two, the gameplay is solid.

          • bizzy gie

            You’re rare one then. Most people have no problems with touchscreens, mouse pads, etc. Also, many gamers don’t care for rumble. I know many people who turn off rumble completely to not be bothered by it.

            DS4 has six-axis and advanced rumble motors in addition to to the light bar and touchpad.

            You don’t understand how Vita/PS4 functionality works. The PS4 still runs the games completely. Only image and sound is being streamed to Vita. The game is still running on PS4. Vita just serves as a wireless TV (and controller) just like Wii U GamePad. The games are running on Wii U. The image and sound are just being streamed to the Gamepad.

            COD’s gameplay is repetitive. Graphics are always a talking point when a new shooter comes especially among teens-young adults.

            Halo being the best is an opinion.

            For me, Metroid is the best (and actually original unlike Halo).

          • The True Gamer

            That’s why I’m buying an Xbox one. I game often, but a majority of the games I play are shooters. I loved Forza horizon, so I’ll probably love. The Crew, but for the most part it’s fps games for me. If you don’t like fps games then get a ps4, or even if you mostly play other games. I don’t recommend Xbox one to anybody who didn’t love halo 4, but I would still love to know something. This question isn’t targeted at Bizzie, but Fellow Xbox one fans. Is there any reason to choose Xbox one over playstation 4 if you don’t enjoy shooters?

          • The main reason I’m going with XBO is because that’s where I’m comfortable, and that’s where I’m happy. My friends are there. My favorite IPs are there (Halo FTW!). My favorite controller is there. Etc… I’m invested in the console, and switching now makes no sense since none of the PS4 launch IPs look any good. PS3 had some gems, but PS4’s lineup is garbage. (It’ll look better in the future, but launch-day is laughably bad in comparison to the alternative’s next-gen. console.)

            I’ve spent the past 12ish years with Microsoft, and the only thing they’ve ever “done” to me that negatively affected me in the least was the RRoD, and that was remedied while my console was out of warranty free of charge, with free shipping, during a hurricane, and included a complementary free year of XBL Gold.

            I only have good things to say about my time with Xbox, so why switch now? I already have such an investment in the product that switching now is an appalling thought. Leaving all my favorite things and starting from scratch to shave off $100 and a bunch of features the XBO has? Nope. And while I like the idea of a dedicated gaming console, in this day-and-age there’s no such thing. How many phones today can’t surf the web, play games, stream Netflix/Hulu, work as a global GPS, take full HD video, etc…? Making/marketing the XBO as an all in one entertainment console is a smart move, and will pay off in the long run. Plus, as strange as it might sound, I’m excited about the possibilities of Kinect. :)


            As for my not choosing to go with the PS4, outside of the fact that the past 12 years of my gaming life have been on Xbox and that’s where my library / achievements / friends / etc. are, one of the main factors keeping me off PS4 is the community. While every community has its bad apples, over the past few months the PlayStation community has really shown it’s ass. It’s impossible for me to convey how immature, childish, insecure, hypocritical, nonsensical, paranoid, delusional, and just straight up hateful they are, but I’m sure you’ve born witness to it as well. This has effectively secured my Microsoft/Nintendo loyalty.

            As previously stated, of course every community has it’s stupid fanboys, but the volume, ignorance and unrelenting hate that has poured out of almost every PS fan I’ve had the displeasure of talking to over the past 5 months has been more than enough to keep me off the platform.

            Please note: It’s not the console or the software that’s my reason for not purchasing it; it’s the fan base that’s keeping me away (and money but whatever). There’s no way in hell that I could ever consider myself “proud” – or anything along those lines – to be a part/member of that cult (as it has showed itself to be). The hardware is good and some of the exclusives look okay, but nowhere near worth the $400 price-tag IMO.

          • bizzy gie

            PS4 will have Blacklight, Planetside 2, and Killzone Shadow Fall in addition to the multiplats.

          • The True Gamer

            So? Psnetwork still isn’t the best way to experience a online game, so fps games are still inferior on ps4 in that sense.

          • bizzy gie

            PSN on PS4 will be much better.

          • The True Gamer

            Sony has not said they made any improvements, and they have not made massive attempts to fix playstation networks issues, so I wouldn’t count on it.

          • bizzy gie

            Really? Sony fixed every problem people had with PS3 and now PS+ is required. I’m 100% positive online will be better.

          • The True Gamer

            They never added party chat for ps3. That isn’t the sign of a company who cares about online multiplayer

          • bizzy gie

            I meant that every problem people had with PS3, Sony is fixing with PS4.

            PS4 has party chat.

          • The True Gamer

            I had to update my ps3 for an hour to play the system online. This happens about every two weeks to a month. automatic updates only exists if you have ps plus. Sony isn’t very helpful to consumers for online multiplayer, and I don’t expect them to be with ps4.

          • bizzy gie

            I’m positive pesky updates are a thing of the past. We’ll have to wait and see.

            No doubt PS4’s online will be better.

          • Pardon me, an EXCLUSIVE FPS.

            Titanfall is coming next year, and Halo doesn’t even have a release window (outside of ‘2014’), so Xbox One isn’t launching with any exclusive IPs. Exclusive content for COD and Battlefield =/= Exclusive Game.

          • bizzy gie

            Launch doesn’t matter. The point is that Xbox One will still be shooter, shooter, shooter as ever.

          • Whether or not you would like to admit it, launch does matter. Obviously it isn’t the most important part of the console’s lifespan, but early-adoption is key for mindshare. And what causes early adoption? Software. Price-points are important too, but nobody (in their right mind) would pay $100 less for a console with no games on it.

          • bizzy gie

            Really because PS4 is outselling Xbox One worldwide.

            Think long-term. Sony has more games in development than MS does. Sony has more and better established IP than MS.

            PS4 is more powerful to stay more relevant throughout ten years.

            PS4 has more games coming at launch than Xbox One and a lot of them won’t cost you a cent.

            PS4 has a better game recorder.

            PS4 has a bigger friends list.

            PS+ is extremely lenient and showers its consumers in free games.

            PS4 is much smaller and has no external power brick and still manages to run cooler than a PS3.

            Orbis looks more attractive than modified Windows 8.

            DS4 is technologically more advanced than the incrementally updated Xbox One controller.

            Blu-ray player with 6x faster reads than PS3’s

            All for $100 less.

            You’d have to be out of your mind to not take that kind of deal.

          • lol Keep telling yourself that Sony has more games in development than Microsoft. You know the totals for neither company, so all you have to go off of is your bias. I can claim that MS has more games than Sony, but then I’d be just as opinionated as you.

            XBO’s specs have yet to be released, so, again, you can keep telling yourself that PS4 is more powerful… And even if it is, look how much that payed off for PS3 last gen. Xbox 360 was the definitive platform for every multi-plat game of the 7th/current gen. PS3 always got the butt end of the deal despite its power advantage. And neither of us know the potential of XBO’s Cloud Processing, so that can’t be ignored.

            The majority of PS4’s “games” are forgettable shovelware and only exist to pad the list’s numerical total. I guarantee you that you can’t even name all (or even half) of them without looking up a list. And even then, I’ve been able to play them all for years on my PC [partition].

            PS4’s friend list is limited, XBO’s is not. You can have up to 2000 friends on PSN, and that’s where it stops. On XBO I can have 1000 close friends, and then unlimited followers. And as a youtuber who gets friend requests on a daily basis, this remedies that issue complete! They can be my friend without me having to get updates to when they sign on/start playing whatever I’m playing.

            PS4 has a longer buffer window (which will no doubt affect performance with 15 mins of video sucking up both HDD and RAM memory), but that’s it. The services that video can be uploaded/streamed to are garbage in comparison. PS4 shares to Ustream (also streams), Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch. XBO shares to Twitch (also streams), Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. And as a youtuber? The latter > the former.

            How is PS+ lenient? It’s a service that you pay for and agree to the terms and conditions of? What specifically does it allow you to do that makes it so lenient? Also, Games With Gold has been made a permanent thing (,2817,2425980,00.asp ) so XBLG members also get free games. Yes, PS+ gives you more titles, but I don’t burn through a game in 48 hrs, so there’s no need for 15 games a month. I actually play and enjoy the games I download instead of simply loading the main menu and then moving on to the next one.

            PS4’s size is begging for heating issues – especially without a power-brick! We’ve already seen the RLoD in action, as well as the console struggling, and ultimately failing, to run Knack ( ). Anyone who knows anything about heat ventilation knows that external power-sources are the way to go in terms of eliminating unnecessary internal heat. There’s a reason that all laptops have them in addition to cooling fans.

            Orbis is an ugly version of Pinterest, which was pretty ugly and disorganized to begin with. Modified Windows 8 is perfect for this type of interface, as anyone who’s used the tablet/phone version would tell you.

            DS4 tech is a very large step forward compared to DS3, but it’s most noteworthy features are the ones that make it more like the Xbox gamepad (concave analog sticks and triggers R2/L2 buttons). The touch pad is nice, but it’s functionality is gimmicky as of now (throwing a grenade in BF4 doesn’t quite sell it, and neither does Playroom)… Also, I have a hard time seeing how you’ll be able to ignore the terrible glare that its light bar will be producing. XBO’s gamepad uses IR technology, so even if we were to examine it as closely as humanly possible, we’re incapable of seeing it. Plus the dynamic rumble/force feedback in the triggers and palms will surely add a new level of immersion, or gratification at the very least… but seeing as how DS3 didn’t have rumble, I doubt PS fans understand how big of a deal it can be.

            I couldn’t care less about fast the player reads compared to PS3’s.

            A $100 price difference is meaningless to me, considering my every pay-check is 6x that. In fact, I earned more than half that between replying to your last comment and now. Oh, the wonders of having a job! For $100 more I’m getting the best controller in the industry, the best exclusives in the industry, the best online interactions in the industry, all in a box that packs features that I use and enjoy. $100 is well worth everything I’m getting, and frankly, it should cost more.

            I’d be a smart consumer not to take that deal. Just because something is $100 less doesn’t mean it’s the better deal. (Same goes for every product.) The games I love are on Xbox. The features I enjoy are on Xbox. The online environment I’m a part of is on Xbox. The only thing PS4 offers me that XBO doesn’t is DCUO and Octo Dad – both of which I can play on my PC [partition], so I’m fine. I wouldn’t buy a shitty TV just because it was $100 cheaper. And do you know why? Because more often than not, there are features to justify said price difference. And this is definitely the case with XBO.

          • bizzy gie

            I actually looked at numbers. Sony has more games in development than MS. That’s a fact. MS has more AAAs at launch. That’s it. Even still, it’s not an opinion to address quantity.

            You must not follow gaming that well. PS4 is more powerful than Xbox One. This is a fact and common knowledge. Xbox One’s GPU has been revealed (clock speed and CU, teraflops, and shader cores). Xbox One’s CPU has been revealed (clock speed, usable cores). Xbox One’s RAM has been revealed (amount available to developers, bandwidth). 360 was only on par with PS3 (which is now the number one selling console in America) due to PS3’s Cell processor and split RAM. The power difference between Xbox One and PS4 is bigger and PS4 is very easy to develop for. Cloud processing will require internet which not everybody has.

            Indie=/= shovelware. War Thunder, Planetside 2, DC Universe Online, Resogun, Warframe, Killzone Shadow Fall, Knack Tiny Brain. I didn’t even open a tab.

            Please don’t make stupid comments. I’m trying to take you seriously, but these moronic posts…

            Friends=/=followers. You can have followers on Wii U too. It’s 1,000 friends (that don’t have to be close) for Xbox One and 2,000 friends (that don’t have to be close) for Xbox One.
            Followers just keep up with what you’re doing. A follpwer doesn’t need permission to follow so you may have followers and not even know it. It’s not the same thing.

            Game DVR will only upload to Twitch at launch. MS wants to add more services in the future, but you won’t have those upload abilities at launch. How do you know PS4 will have a longer buffer window or is that just your fanboy talking?

            PS+ is only required for online multiplayer for paid games. XBL will lock 81 features behind it. The games Gold offers are old. PS+ offers more a newer games. It’s not about how slow you are playing games. It’s about playing as many different games as you possibly can. Just because you download a game doesn’t mean you have to play it right then. PS+ is also cheaper than XBL and free for two weeks.

            The PS4 was left in an unventilated box all day long. It went the whole day with no airflow. As soon as it was taken out of the box, it immediately went back to blue. MS is a software company. They suck at making hardware. They’re the only company I know that doesn’t know how to decrease in size while increasing in power. Look at 360S and 360E. They’re barely smaller than their predecessor. PS4 will have no problems keeping cool.

            Sony hasn’t even shown the entire OS in full. However, even the blindest of fanboys, such as yourself, have to admit that that deep blue is incredibly sexy and Orbis looks seamlessly smooth. Meanwhile modified W8 looks cluttered and the friends app they showed looks ugly. Swamp green isn’t a good color. It reminds me of puke.

            DS4 improved the triggers, analogue sticks, grips, weight. material, and overall size. However, that’s not what I meant by technologically. The touchpad is also being used to control Owl in Shadow Fall and is being implemented in Second Son. For example, you actually place your finger on the touchpad when Delsin has his fingerprint scanned. Or you pull back on the touchpad to open a tightly closed door as opposed to unrealistically tapping X. It’s funny you call the touchpad a gimmick (which by no means it is) yet say mere vibration in the triggers can add for immersion. The light bar indicates which player you are and can display health. People have easily seen the infrared in the Xbox One controller. DS4 also has six-axis, mono speaker, Move technology, and advanced rumble motors.

            $100 is meaningless to YOU. However, the soccer moms and parents on a budget are going to see $399 vs. $499 and that cheaper console is more powerful and get that for little Jimmy. For $100 more I’m getting the best controller in the industry, the best exclusives in the industry, the best online interactions in the industry, all in a box that packs features that I use and enjoy. No you’re not. You’re getting Xbox One.

            Your price argument would be valid is PS4 wasn’t better than Xbox One.

          • If you look at the numbers, tell me, what are both the totals and your sources for said totals? I’ve looked, and I’m unable to find the announced total from either developer/publisher/platform/whatever. Provide links for both, and then your statement will hold value. Claiming that you look at numbers, then failing to give said numbers, is a rather giving sign.

            I follow it as well as you do (probably better), and I’m more than aware of several anonymous devs claim the PS4 is more powerful, and MS has come out and said multiple times that hardware isn’t the chief factor, but the final specs of the retail XBO have yet to be officially announced (which is why it’s up to anonymous developers to claim the PS4’s superiority). Clock speeds have been bouncing around, but the entirety of the console’s specs are yet to be fully understood. The RAM is the only factor to be specifically clarified, but you’re discounting eSRAM.

            lol Keep telling yourself PS3 has sold more than 360 in the US. You’re misunderstanding your own argument. The reality of the situation is that Xbox 360 has sold around 44.74 million consoles in the US, while the PS3 has sold around 27.29 million. What you’re talking about is PS3 breaking the Xbox 360 winning streak last month for the first time since January 2011, or 32 months. And this was only due to the GTA:V PS3 bundle. Cloud processing will make some people’s XBO more powerful than others, just how PC’s having different components makes some more powerful than others. Some people not having internet doesn’t slow down the rest of the console.

            See? Forgettable. Out of 21 “exclusives” (meaning they aren’t on XBO), you were able to name 8. The titles you’re forgetting are: Backlight: Retribution, Contrast, Divekick, Escape Plan, flOw, Flower, Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition, Minecraft, Pinball Arcade, PlayRoom, Putty Squad, Sound Shapes, Supermotherload, and Switch Galaxy Ultra… One of which looks any kind of good, and it’s already on PS3 (being Flower).

            No, it isn’t the same thing. But honestly? IMO, XBO’s system is better. If you have 1000+ friends, congratulations on your moment! But I can guarantee you that Greg Miller’s PS4 friend list will fill up on day one despite having a cap of 2000. But on XBO, an unlimited amount of people can get updates and keep track of Adam Sessler and Gavin Free. Having 2000 friends is nice, but if you’re an ‘internet celebrity’ those slots aren’t going to last. Being able to have unlimited followers both frees up any action on your part, as well as removes the “first come first serve” issue.

            Come on bro. Really? Constantly storing 15 minutes of HD video isn’t exactly the easiest, or best (IMO), use of the hardware. As someone who works with video recording/editing on a somewhat regular basis, and with a computer more powerful than the PS4, even I can see the affects of storing a constant 15+ minute window of HD video footage. I’m speaking from experience.

            And you know what? Despite XBL being the “more expensive option” (even though I got my gold for $35 on Newegg) and being a hoop to jump through for those 81 features, over 50% of online console gamers prefer XBL over PSN despite PSN being the free option. Please tell me how it is that a free service is less popular than a subscription-based service? Oh yeah, it’s because of the quality of the experience(s). If seeing how many games you can play within X amount of time is how you play, I can see why you’ve got such a hard-on for the indies that PS4 is launching with, as they’ll each max out at a few hours max. (Fun fact? My PS3 buddy wanted me to play Journey since it was so good. He sat me down, started the game over, handed me a controller, and within I think around 15-20 mins, I was walking into the final stage of the game. (Not sure what it was really, other than a blue ‘icy’ looking section, as he took the controller away saying I beat it too quickly and didn’t get to enjoy the game and that I had to start over…)) So if an hour of your time (or 1/3rd of an hour in my case) is really that remarkable, you’d be all about 15 games per month. I on the other hand experience every aspect of every game I play. Still on my first playthrough of Skyrim, clocking in at over 400 hours.

            (The irony of you calling me the fanboy is quite hysterical.) While for the most part I do prefer blue over green (depending on the tone, hue, shade, blah blah blah, of each), I find both to be equal as far as Platform OSs are concerned. (Even thought the PS4’s OS is no longer deep blue and instead somewhat remenicent of Windows 7’s login screen ) It’s the layout of the OS that irks me about the PS4. I hate pinterest, and as you can see via the image above, that’s exactly what “orbis” is going for (or the since-abandoned “timeline” Facebook layout ). The Windows 8 tiles are very neat, completely customizable (not sure about Orbis’s customizability), and are tailored to your preferences and gaming habits. Win win win in my book.

            The DS4’s triggers are designed to offer what Xbox has always had. The analogue sticks are designed to offer what Xbox has always had. The weight/size was everyone’s chief complaint regarding DS3, so they made it heavier to match the balance everyone enjoyed about of 360’s gamepad. I imagine the grips feel nice, but I hate the way they look… Midget dicks aren’t my cup of tea… And that’s an awesome feature of the Touchpad! (the fingerprint thing) If that’s how it’s always used, then it’s a go in my book! But throwing a grenade in Battlefield = no go… And the light-bar is ridiculous. Attempt to justify it by any means necessary, I’ll just keep sending you this image: Also: And we learned how wonderful controller-based speakers are from the Wii Mote. Don’t even go there bro… I haven’t used the XBO’s gamepad yet, so I can’t speak for certain (this time next week I will have though) but judging from how much everyone is fawning over it, I’d say it’s going to be amazing! Feeling each round fire off in Halo/Titanfall? The roar of the engine in Forza? The revving of a chainsaw in Dead Rising? Count me excited! Rumble features are very important to me (I’m not entirely sure why), so the fact that XBO’s gamepad offers twice as many different points of rumble is really exiting to me!

            The soccer moms and parents on a budget will be seeing the price difference and the feature difference, but not the hardware difference. They’ll be seeing the HDMI in/out for their cable-box, the Kienct for its universal IR blaster and Skype functionality. The NFL partnership. Etc. PS4 has a nice price tag, but people looking to spend $400 or $500 aren’t nit-picking. “Go big or go home” is quite popular in America, whether or not it’s smart, and Xbox already has a name for itself in the States. And it’ll be hitting market first in Europe (even if it’s only for a week), so that’s also something to consider… And yes I am. The Xbox One is the home for everything I listed.

            Oh, I’m sorry, your opinion is fact? My bad. I must have missed that memo.

          • bizzy gie


            I’m going to get that other link comparing total confirmed links. I just don’t have time right now.

            I never discounted ESRAM. It’s included under bandwidth. When multiple devs are saying the same thing, I think it’s time to face a reality.

            Why did you bring up PS3 in this reply? PS3 is leading worldwide sales, starting to outsell 360 (monthly) in America, and PS4 is out-pre-ordering Xbox One as well as its exclusives and version of multiplats. Sony is on the rise.

            I was only talking about LAUNCH indies not all of PS4’s total games. Plus most of the games you listed came to PS3. I’m talking about the games exclusive to PS4 (console-wise).

            You’re missing the point. Friends have a much closer relationship than followers. I want to join Greg’s game. Invite Greg to chat. Followers merely keep up with Greg while friends INTERACT with Greg. There’s is such a huge difference. How do you know the followers are “unlimited”? MS said the same thing about their friends list and it ended up being half the length of PS4’s.

            The only thing I see on buffer zone is speculation, speculation, speculation. It’s a waste of my time and won’t be entertained. You’re just trying to make it seem like more time is a bad thing because Xbox One has a pathetic 5 minutes.

            Luckily, you’ve already helped me with this argument. You seem to think that because Sony has more indies, that they’re sacrificing other games for it. Not only does Sony have incredible indies to choose from, but more online games at launch than MS.

            Stop! Just stop. You know damn well I’m not discussing the comfortability upgrades. You know that’s all you can argue so that’s what you focus on. DS4 is TECHNOLOGICALLY more advanced than the Xbox One controller. Six-axis, Move technology, advanced rumble motors, mono speaker, and touchpad. The GamePad’s speakers are great. Just like axis technology, MS is the only one who doesn’t have a speaker in their controller. The light bar won’t be as much of a problem as you’re hoping for.

            Soccer moms are going to see that camera little Jimmy never touched. Then they’re going to see $400 vs, $500. That’s either just a console (Xbone) or a console, game, and an accessory (PS4). That’s it. They can already Skype and wactch TV and football.

            PS4’s OS looking the way it does doesn’t look bad at all. It resembling a popular social site’s OS can only help it. There is less of a learning curve. We’ll have to see it in full, but unlike W8 it moves vertically and horizontally as opposed to just horizontally.

          • roguet2srs

            Can we just say that bizzy won most if not all of the arguments on here? from his points I expect him to get a PlayStation. But that’s not a problem, at the end of the day he’s not gonna change so leave it at that. I’m getting a Xbox but he has got a lot of good points.

          • Dylan Oelke

            Ps4 isnt better than xbox one, and the xbox one is just as powerful as the ps4. Its a lil less but the architecture will solve tht problem. And u said u werent gonna call the xbox bad anymore O_o bizzy I wanna stay on ur neutral side, but u need to get ur act together. And by the way. Have fun with ur grill. Wanna grill me some hamburgers?

          • bizzy gie

            PS4 is more powerful than Xbox One. Fact.

            It’s only RedButterfly who picks fights with me.

          • Dylan Oelke

            I nvr said it wasnt, but the xbox’s architecture makes up for it.

          • bizzy gie

            Not necessarily. Developers have expressed what a pain it is to develop for ESRAM.

          • Dylan Oelke

            Thts the “developers” not the console.. developing is different from the actual performance. When u develop something for a console you have to follow a specific code , lua code for example, tht specific code is used to create the script for the game. Now the reason they said its hard to develop for the xbone is because they probably have to learn a new code. And this is completly off topic, but how old are u bizzy? Im 14 xD

          • Slickst3r

            I don’t even have 20 friends on my account.

      • Arthur Hughes

        Just to help you out. PS4 Shooter/kid platformer/indie shooter
        XB1 on rails shooter, zombie survival, fighter, racing, fighter, indie racing shooter, puzzle, sports, Adventure

        in conclusion ps4 launch exclusives 67% shooter
        XB1 22% shooter none of which are FPS

        • bizzy gie

          Inaccurate. PS4, too, has racing game and an arm-long list of varued games coming to it.

          • Arthur Hughes

            launch games dumbass

          • What racing game is launching with the PS4?

          • bizzy gie

            Why are you obsessed with launch? Do you have no patience?

            Not once was launch addressed in his comment.

          • Launch titles are crucial for early adoption. If they weren’t, people wouldn’t be so upset regarding the Wii U’s first 7 o r8 months worth of stellar installments… Does this mean that you are okay with having a console sitting unplayed in your entertainment center for months after its release? I, on the other hand, will be playing exclusive blockbusters on the platform I spent $500 to get on Day One.

            Talking about what will come to the console in 5+ months is no reason for anyone to pick one up come Nov. 15th.

          • bluSPECTRE

            Launch games are also kind of important if you plan on buying the console at launch…

          • lol Why pay $400 or $500 for a glorified paperweight?

          • bluSPECTRE

            #WiiU ._.

          • > .> That was $250. And you know as well as I do that it’ll be great fun when Smash Bros and the like come out next year.

          • bluSPECTRE

            #OUYA? ._.

          • bizzy gie

            More people are getting PS4 than Xbox One and PS4 has more games to play at launch. Most people are buying multiplats over exclusives for any console and more people are buying games for PS4 than Xbox One. Sony is also securing more exclusive content than MS.

            I, too, will be playing exclusive blockbusters.

            PS4 is the place to go for AAAs, shooters, family-friendly challenging, platformers, indies, and beautiful single players.

            With XBL pretty much being NEEDED to enjoy your half a thousand dollar box, Xbox One is $560.

          • You keep saying that PS4 has more games, and yes, technically it does have a higher number of games, but they all suck dick, so I don’t see why you keep spouting them around like they’re the second coming of christ. Sony is securing more temporary content via indies. Almost every announcement that Sony made at their Gamescom presentation was followed by an “at their launch” asterisk. Microsoft on the other hand has acquired around a dozen new studios to develop exclusive contend, some first party, and other third parties such as Insomniac Games and Respawn. Sony was known for their exclusives in gen. 7, and Microsoft has made it abundantly clear that they intend on claiming that throne.

            So you’ll be playing Killzone? Cuz that’s your only exclusive blockbuster.

            PS4 is the place to go for indies and forgettable shooters – that is all.

            Keep telling yourself that buddie. You’re forgetting that XBL rolls over to XBO. And seeing as how I just renewed my hearly subscription? My XBO, along with every other gold member, will be strictly $500. PS4 on the other hand requires an upgrade to PS+ if you plan on playing multiplayer on your only blockbuster title. Your console will be $450, and that’s without the Eye’s inclusion/functionally/. It costs you around $520 if you want the full PS4 experience.

          • bizzy gie

            The beginning of this is an opinion so I want waste time on it. Sony has secured 60 minutes of AC4 and Watch_Dogs content, skins for Arkham Origins, an early Elder Scrolls Online Beta, Diablo 3 content, and exclusive content for Mad Max. Those are AAAs buddy not indies.

            Quantity=/=quality. The only Xbox One exclusives (or exclusive with no “s”) worthwhile are (is) DR3 and Titanfall (if you don’t have a 360 or PC).

            Shadow Fall looks much more exciting than Titanfall. Plus Shadow Fall will actually have a single player meaning an internet connection won’t be needed to play the game. Shadow Fall will also have a bigger install base than Titanfall so online will be much richer. Plus I get to enjoy my true next gen shooter day one while you have to wait until 2014.

            PS+ carries across PS3, PS Vita, and PS4 simultaneously. Plus it’s cheaper and not required to enjoy several of the launch games PS4 has. PS+ is also free for two weeks when you purchase PS4.

            *PS Camera not PS Eye

            PS Camera isn’t required for the full PS4 experience. MS has you hypnotized to believe a camera adds to a gaming experience. PS Camera offers very nice, very welcomed extras and bonuses, but Sony is smart enough to realize that gamers aren’t stupid enough to believe that a camera can drastically change gaming experiences and knows not to set the entire console’s uniqueness and angle on it.

            Wow. You show your weakness in math yet again. That’s embarrassing. What schools did you go to? 450+60=510 not 520 or “around” 520.

          • We’ve talked about those ‘exclusives’ before, so I won’t waste my time with them.

            You must be really butthurt about internet connections… Please, tell me, how do you plan on playing all your FTP always-online games?

            Looks like you don’t even know the name of your own hardware.

            If it wasn’t necessary for the full experience, why was it developed? Or do you not understand the definition of “full?”

            $520 instead of $510 was a simple typo. And event then, we’d both be paying over that in taxes, so the specifics are irrelevant.

          • bizzy gie

            PS4’s camera is called PS Camera. Here’s better source than a third party site:

          • PS4Daily is about as third-party as it gets. IGN is second-party.

          • bizzy gie

            No. IGN is third party. They’re big. Very big. But third party nonetheless.

            If PS4Daily is third party, that makes WiiUDaily second party and XboxOneDaily fourth party.

          • ^ It’s because of gems like this, which showcase the intellectual capabilities of a handicapped grapefruit, that I am just SO FUCKING DONE WITH YOU KID! I’m about this close to taking a page out of SPECTRE’s playbook and just ignoring you completely!

          • bizzy gie

            WiiUDaily > PS4Daily > XboxOneDaily

          • bluSPECTRE

            Yeah, that’d probably be a good idea.

          • The True Gamer

            Bizzie, you’re arguing with fanboys. You and I both know ps4 is built for ALL games. Xbox one is mainly built for shooters. I’m sorry Xbox fans, but it’s true.

          • bizzy gie

            Shooters aren’t bad if that’s what you like. You said you’re getting an Xbox One. You should enjoy them more with new controller.

          • bluSPECTRE

            You say that like it’s a bad thing. Shooters have the potential to be some of the best games on the market. . -.
            Halo, Metroid Prime, Quake, Doom… I would include Heretic and Hexen but they weren’t as popular.

          • The True Gamer

            Shooters are great, but Xbox one lacks in other genres for exclusives. I play almost only fps games, so I’m fine with it.

          • bluSPECTRE

            They have a more varied library than most people give them credit for. Sure the most popular ones are shooters, but that’s kind of to be expected when shooters dominate the market in the first place. God I wish EA didn’t buy BioWare.

    • bunz

      You Forgot to add Zoo tycoon

  • Morris ヅ

    at what time does it pop up?

    • Arthur Hughes

      2:50, and i posted a link that Major Nelson posted a while back of the sound.

      • Morris ヅ



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