Back at PAX Australia, Microsoft revealed that free, unlimited cloud storage would be available to all Xbox One owners. As exciting as this may sound, everything that glitters isn't gold." />

We asked Microsoft how the Xbox One’s unlimited cloud storage works, here’s what they had to say


Back at PAX Australia, Microsoft revealed that free, unlimited cloud storage would be available to all Xbox One owners. As exciting as this may sound, everything that glitters isn’t gold.

During the recording of our last podcast, someone questioned how this new setup will work, so we reached out to Microsoft for additional details and here’s what a company spokesperson had to say:

Game play is not streamed directly from the cloud, but all of your digital games are stored and saved in the cloud so you can access them anytime, from any Xbox One console.  For some titles, GPU and CPU resources are cloud based, but it should not be viewed as streaming games.

So, games won’t be streamed from the cloud and will instead be available to download from any Xbox One. Not exactly what we were hoping for, but moving from 512MB of could storage to unlimited space for game saves isn’t something we’d consider a loss.

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  • companyoflosers

    wen was there ever just 512mb storage space for the 360?

    • ImperialAgent

      I’m a bit confused by that, my best guess is its typo and it should be gb rather than mb but I don’t know why it’s 512 not 500.

      • Arthur Hughes

        Cloud Storage is basically just for game saves currently. Which is easily enough for several games.

        • ImperialAgent

          yeah I just didn’t understand where 512 mb came into it. I hadn’t heard that it was limited to that before if that makes sense so reading that number just confused me for a moment.

    • Deadred

      The memory cards had 512mb storage, back in the day when you could get an Xbox360 without a hard drive. And the current cloud storage is the same amount, 512mb.

  • Gilbert Nicks

    i know u have to dedicate 512 for cloud on the console… but dont know if its a limit on the online part

  • HyperionLight

    Well it’s still cool. And who knows about streaming games…maybe in the future.

    Btw I have a favor to ask of you Mark, I hope you can/could do that.

    Could you reach out to someone at Microsoft and ask them about user-specific voice recognition and if that’s possible or will be possible with the new kinect? I would like to play a game or watch tv without someone going “xbox pause” or “xbox go home” every so often.

    If I’m not clear enough than maybe this can help (the second point on the list)

    • ImperialAgent

      Interesting read thx.

      Just a thought – rather than the person in that scenario being some kid brother or something, as with xbox one you supposedly don’t need headphones n a mic but the kinect can do the job what’s to stop you from being half way through a game of Battlefield and some kid screams out “XBOX OFF!!” Which then goes out of all the tvs of the people not wearing headphones turning off their xb1s. :D

      Am I missing something? Do you need headphones to hear chat cuz I swear they said you can do without and just use Kinect. Or will the xbox not respond if the voice comes from the tv? Cuz damn that’s taking griefing to the next level – actually turning off the console from the other side of the world :)

      • HyperionLight

        Do you know what you have just done! You unveiled the NSA secret plan!!!

        But seriously if that happened…LOL

        • ImperialAgent

          “You unveiled the NSA secret plan!!!” wouldn’t be the first time :) lol

          Yeah there’s just got to be a reason why that wouldn’t work :) I’m normally against griefing of curse but that sh*ts got to be done by someone lol :D

      • Edonus

        Few things the audio of what comes through your speakers goes through kind of a filter what it does is it looks at that sound data in frequencies. Doing this allows the system to cancel out frequencies when you speak back to the kinect mic. Its a very smart system.

        Then you have to be engaged with the system it looks at you and can tell if you are talking to it or not.. there are lots of factors that go in to it. Like I said its a very smart system.

        • ImperialAgent

          Cool, yeah I wouldn’t expect it to work just couldn’t be sure. I’ve heard a bit before about what you’re describing. That was more about not having to shout over music tho, I wasn’t sure if that meant it would ignore voices that come from the tv. I guess it probably does.

      • RECKLESSgoat


    • misterhearn

      I’ll see what I can do. Thanks for reading.

      • ImperialAgent

        Hi mate. What did you mean by the last sentence? Did you maybe mean GB rather than MB or something?

        • misterhearn

          No, it was in reference to the 512MB of cloud storage that Xbox Live Gold members currently receive.

          • ImperialAgent

            Oh ok gotcha. Thx

      • HyperionLight

        Thanks much appreciated.

        And you always write articles worth reading.

    • bizzy gie

      Yeah. I was playing Fruit Ninja Kinect with my family yesterday and it was hectic.

      Aside from people aimlessly walking in front of the camera like nothing was going on, everybody kept trying to use the voice commands in the dashboard.

      Especially my 4-year-old cousin.

      Also, when watching Kyle XY on Netflix, Josh said “Xbox” and it kept backing out of the show. After the third fail, I had to mute that specific part to continue watching the show.

      I hope they add user specification. Kinect 2 is more than capable.

      • RECKLESSgoat

        haha lol xD

  • bizzy gie

    I guess PS4’s cloud system will specialize in game-streaming and XB1’s cloud system will specialize in computing and storage.

    Seems cool.

    Can’t wait to hear more about both.

  • Edonus

    This article is funny. It seems in an attempt to try and slander the ONE to get hits he actually uncovered and got confirmation on some major things.

    The big one being that there are GPU and CPU resources in the cloud. That means the capabilities of your GPU and CPU are already extended in the cloud what your system ships with is not what it has available to it. This is interesting because I knew they were going to do computing but I was thinking a dev would have to build their own virtual machine that would process data they offloaded. What this essentially says is that some of the functions of the GPU and CPU are already there….

    I was just thinking they wouldnt go at the gpu and cpu so direct. That is big.

    As for this you will download the game stuff …. it has already been stated the console can stream the data of the game to the console so you can play while it downloads in the background. It is essentially the same feeling as playing the game if it was being run in the cloud. So not what we were hoping for is just some we want to hate on MS drivel. it functions exactly the same.

  • Blaze Blue

    but imagine streaming a game from the internet, that would be horrible