There's an old saying that when you purchase a new car it depreciates in value the moment you drive it off the lot and it appears this proverb also applies to the world of game consoles." />

Trading up for an Xbox One? Just how much is your Xbox 360 worth?


There’s an old saying that when you purchase a new car it depreciates in value the moment you drive it off the lot and it appears this proverb also applies to the world of game consoles.

Not too long ago we asked if you planned on trading in your Xbox 360 and received a very mixed response. Now that the Xbox One is approximately three months away, we started to wonder just how much value does Microsoft’s current game console hold in the world of retail.

Sure, several retailers accept system trade-ins for store credit or cold, hard cash, but for the sake of simplicity, we reached out to multiple GameStop locations and here are our findings.

2013 Xbox 360 (the one that resembles an Xbox One)

250GB model – $70 store credit

4GB model – $56 cash

2010 Xbox 360 S

250GB model – $70 store credit

4GB model – $56 cash

No, that’s not a typo, both first and second-generation slim Xbox 360 models carry the same value, at least at GameStop. At this exchange rate both 250GB slim models have an estimated resale value of just a bit over 23 percent of their original asking price.

As for folks rocking a first-generation Xbox 360 aka Elite, Premium or Core system (the fat ones), your trade-in values aren’t even enough to buy an extra controller for your new Xbox One. GameStop is currently offering a whopping $40 store credit or $32 cash for all first-generation Xbox 360s.

During our experiment a few of the stores we called pointed out that they typically offer promotional incentives for system trade-ins and that special edition consoles tend to have a slightly higher value. Even so, if you plan on getting rid of your Xbox 360, you may want to move quickly, or try a more seller-friendly market like eBay, because things are only going to get worse.


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  • Arthur Hughes

    If your like me and keep all your extra stuff in the original box, and don’t mess up your system.

    You can get $92 for the 250gb and $80 for the 4gb on amazon.

    Gamestop is typically the worst place to do anything with games.

  • Arthur Hughes

    Im keeping my 360, for a while I already traded my ps3 in when i found out i can get the sunday ticket for $100 bucks through this years madden. Instead of having to drop 340 on the ps3.

    If they would of added games like gta5, Sanits row 4, and splintercell to the launch i probably would of traded in my 360 as we got closer to release.

  • bizzy gie

    Ha! Ha! Liars. If you sold back both 360s at once, Gamestop would give you 9¢ at best.

    • Slickst3r

      Yeah and Gamestop would give you 2¢ if you trade in 2 PS3’s for a PS4.

  • Ducked

    I traded in my 360 last year. But for people who have a lot of “good” games on it, I wouldn’t trade it in. Its like saying “Hey lemme take $200 hard earned bucks and toss it a trash can to get a Xbox One a little bit cheaper. I’d hang onto your 360 unless you’re absolutely not going to use it anymore. There’s some good 360 games that you can’t play on your Xbox One, until they come out with more collections. I just hate losing money…

    • bizzy gie

      Xbox One won’t really have any 360 games. They did transfer Minecraft over to the console.

      I believe they are offering AC2 and Halo 3 on Xbox One too.

      I wouldn’t sell my 360 though. I’m not counting on backwards compatibility.

      • Ducked

        I meant there probably come out with collections made on Xbox One to make money.

  • TomDobo

    Keeping my 360 due to all the games downloading on it and its a class console i think i would always play it until live goes down on it. Then i wouldnt play it that much anymore.

  • RECKLESSgoat

    I would rather keep it than sell it to those greedy people at gamestop -.-

  • daeglyth

    Do those prices listed include the double in-store credit when you trade in any system deal that is going on right now at Gamestop?

  • avi

    just sell yours over craigslist or ebay and you’ll get a much higher offers.

  • Slickst3r

    Not trading it for the Xbox One I will most likely get the One in Christmas there’s just no money not even for a PS4!!!


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