Original Killer Instinct announcer to call play by play in series reboot


During a recent TwitchTV live broadcast of Killer Instinct, Microsoft creative director Adam Isgreen and producer Torin Rettig shared a few new details about the upcoming Xbox One launch title.

If you’re not digging the game’s new announcer, the game’s original commentator Chris Sutherland will also be selectable for nostalgia’s sake. Not just dubbed over audio from the original games, Sutherland has also recorded a set of new tracks for Killer Instinct 2013.

In addition, classic character costumes will be available for players who are looking to keep things retro. This specific feature will likely be a part of the game’s $40 Ultra Combo bundle that comes loaded with every bell and whistle the title has to offer.

Finally, Isgreen teased that the game might sport some familiar tunes from KI1 and KI2, so it sounds like Double Helix is really handling this cult classic with delicate hands.


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  • Parish Gilliam

    Nice! and i’m first again? Lol…wow I need a girlfriend. .smh

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  • Parish Gilliam

    Nice! oh..and i’m first again? Wow i need a girlfriend. . Lol Smh

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    as long as they bring cinder back… ill be happy

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