A customizable Xbox One could have been a game changer


During the Xbox 360’s big reveal, Microsoft took a stab at console customization by introducing removable faceplates. A simple concept that gave people the option to let their console match their personality¬†and while this idea didn’t completely catch on, we can’t help but wonder how things would have gone if the company advanced this option to the Xbox One.

Microsoft tried to do something different with its new console, but ultimately caved in to negative feedback and reverted back to more familiar policies. But let’s say the company took a different approach. In some strange universe an Xbox One was announced that featured a smorgasbord of unique options for would-be buyers. Could this have been a difference maker?

Some folks sure seem to think that product customization is a big deal. Recently the Google-owned Motorola Mobility announced its new Moto X, a smartphone that gives users several customization options including color, memory, wallpaper patterns and even the option to add a signature or short message to the device’s design.

The idea of an individualized console sounds pretty dreamy. If the Xbox One offered similar features would you actually take advantage? If so, what crazy color schemes would you go with? Sure, the Xbox One is the blackest black possible, but how about a gray box with white accents?

Aside from giving consumers the option to have their Gamertag engraved into their controller, Microsoft could have possibly used this approach to release a low cost, entry-level system with minimal specifications. Need more hard drive space? Check a box! Want an orange controller? You got it!

Of course, none of this ever happened. Instead consumers are stuck with a generic looking machine that will look no different from their friend’s console, or their friend’s, friend’s console for that matter, but some people are fine with that.

It’s just the fact that some people try to argue that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are bona fide gaming PCs, but yet they both lack the ability to be customized or upgraded at the time of purchase. Something just about every PC gamer is accustomed to being able to do when building a new rig.

Perhaps we’re overreaching a bit, but if you ask us, the thought of something as absurd as a leopard print Xbox One is too good of an idea to pass up.

Do you think Microsoft missed a golden opportunity by conforming to the console norm, or is a standard look and feel the best way to go?

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  • http://winsource.com/ Joe Fedewa

    I’d like a navy blue Xbox with silver accents. That would be bomb.

  • TomDobo

    Doesn’t look nice in the white if you ask me. Black looks better i think i nice dark blue would be class

  • ImperialAgent

    Yeah I’m happy with the black, some customization could be cool but I guess but its probably not for me, I think they’re putting safety first with all those vents on it. I don’t really see anywhere you could snap-on a cover really now that it lies flat and the vents are on top. Maybe it could’ve been done I dunno.

    I’m sure there’ll probably be coloured ones at some point for those that want them.

  • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

    White Xbox One with silver accents would have been the beesknees :)

  • Ducked

    The white faceplate they displayed looks very ugly. Glad Xbox One is black

  • bizzy gie

    Everything I have is black. Black goes with almost anything.

    Maybe a gold Xbox One, but a true gold color.

    Not some shiny bronze-brown or bright yellow BS.

  • RECKLESSgoat

    The white ps4 looks way better than this white xbox one IMO.