We already know the Xbox One needs its Kinect sensor to be operational, but what happens if the fancy new motion tracking camera malfunctions or gets damaged? Can you walk into a store and buy a replacement, or do you need to send it in to Microsoft for repairs?" />

We asked Microsoft what happens if the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor stops working?


We already know the Xbox One needs its Kinect sensor to be operational, but what happens if the fancy new motion tracking camera malfunctions or gets damaged? Can you walk into a store and buy a replacement, or do you need to send it in to Microsoft for repairs?

Checking for the former, we cruised a few retail websites and noticed that the Xbox One’s unique but mandatory peripheral was not listed among the console’s accessories. This lead us to reach out to Microsoft for more information on this matter and here’s what a company spokesperson had to say.

“Xbox One is still in development and we are excited to share more over the coming months, but we don’t have anything further to share at this time.”

Not the clearest answer to say the least, but it sounds like some type of solution is in the works. Many have labeled the Xbox One’s bundled Kinect sensor as the driving force that pushed the system’s price point to $500 — $100 more than Sony’s PlayStation 4.

If in fact this is the case and Microsoft elects to sell its new motion tracker as a standalone product, people will likely expect the camera to be priced around $100 or less, but bear in mind that the original Kinect sensor debuted with a price tag of $150.

There’s also a possibility that Microsoft may not bring the Xbox One’s Kinect to retailers at all, with the company instead offering its own repair and replacement services directly to consumers.

As of now we’re not completely sure what the future will hold for Xbox One owners with troubled Kinect sensors, but until Microsoft makes its plans clear, you might want to take a look at what not to do to the system’s required hardware.

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  • hakesterman

    I will not purchase a Console that requires a connection to a Motion Sensor. XB1 is dead until they address that issue. It must be an Option and not a requirement.

    • bizzy gie

      My Kinect just broke a few weeks ago.

      Had that been XB1, my console wouldn’t work and I’d have to fish out another $100 or more (there’s no way it’s going to cost less Mark) for something I’m NEVER going to use.

      If you have to send it in to Microsoft, it could take weeks before you get a replacement. Especially around the holidays. That means weeks without being able to play your $500 cable box. For what? Because you have to wait until you can get a new spybox to watch you?

      Whether it’s sold separately or not and must be sent into Microsoft, if you break your Kinect 2.0, you’re screwed. End of story.

      • Vincent M. Lenzi

        You think that the kinect is the first thing that is used to spy on u. Try any device with a camera like computers and cell phones. If u don’t want the XB1 because of the Kinect fie there are still plenty of other things u own that can spy on u.

        • bizzy gie

          Yes, but other cameras don’t work in conjunction with an OS running NSA software in it.

      • My PS3 controller broke a few weeks ago.

        I had to send it in to Sony which took weeks before I got a replacement.

        If you break any system’s main input device you’re screwed. End of story.

        • brianc6234

          Don’t be cheap. Go to the store and buy a new PS3 controller. Problem solved.

          • We’re not talking about Mad Catz here. Those PS4 controllers aren’t going to be cheap.

          • bizzy gie

            They’re going to cost $60. That’s what PS3 and 360 controllers cost now.

          • NightAngel79

            They sure in the **** don’t cost THAT much?!?!?! What you smokin! -_-

        • bizzy gie

          Your console will still operate as long as you have another controller. Most people have more than one controller. No one is going to buy two Kinects just to have one lying around.

          Point invalid.

          • $60 is a lot of money. And “most” people have more than 1 controller? I only have 1 for both my systems…

          • bizzy gie

            But I’m sure you’re the only gamer in your house (if you live with other people).

            Even still, you stated “Those PS4 controllers aren’t going to be cheap.”

            You should’ve just stated that controllers aren’t going to be cheap in general because they’re all going to cost the same.

          • TheVoidWalker

            You need to stop assuming things. I know dozens of gamer’s who only use one controller. Why the hell would you spend $60 for another controller when you already have one? Through most of your arguments you complain about the kinect and all of these worst case scenarios, but everything in this world stops working if one of it’s key pieces breaks.

            Stop insinuating stupid shit, don’t even attempt to complain about it’s price, get a profile pic that does not already tell me that you were getting a ps4 from the start, stop saying people are spying on you with the kinect (Microsoft has better things to do then watch you play games on the couch, hoping that they find a terrorist or something making a bomb screaming “HIGH MICROSOFT, WERE MAKING A BOMB!”).

          • Dan Harvey

            You can’t argue that the DS4 vs the Kinect as the DS4 will be as useful as the XBox controller. If my controller broke i wouldn’t send it away to be repaired just for the sake of saving a little money I’d go out and buy a new one so i can continue gaming as soon as I want rather than waiting.

            Who says that it’s microsoft that will be using the Kinect to look at you, from what i’ve heard anyone (or at least your friends) can watch you while you’re playing a game. Given the Kinect is always on, surely that means anyone could access it at anytime.

            The point is mute to me anyway, I simply don’t like the Kinect i still don’t own one for the 360, i have used one when at friends and it’s never felt worth the outlay. Same for the PS move, even the Wii – it barely gets used.

          • TheVoidWalker

            It may be a little bit of money to you, but for many people they don’t have $60 to throw around for no reason. For a lot of people (the majority of the people who make companies money) has gaming low on the list of important shit I need to buy.

            Yeah anyone can access it at anytime. Just learn how to code and hack through microsoft taking the chance of getting arrested, just to watch some fat sweaty guy get his ass kicked at CoD.

            People need to stop comparing the Kinect 1 to the Kinect 2. Imagine these products as piles of money. The kinect one was a stack of cash worth a million. The kinect 2 is a stack of cash worth a trillion. The kinect 1 was just an accessory, the kinect 2 is a vital part of the next generation. Everyone is going to bitch now, but once it comes out everyone is going to want one.

            Also when it comes to the psmove and the wii, they are not trying to go any further then controller motion sensitive gaming. For one the kinect is full body gaming. Second off the kinect is improving in even more aspects, like controller recognization, and even facial expression detection. Completely different platforms THAT YOU PEOPLE NEED TO STOP COMPARING.

          • bizzy gie

            My profile pic (a pointless cosmetic) has Kinect in it. How does Kinect dignify that I’m getting the PS4 (I mean I am because I’m a smart consumer, but I don’t see how Xbox Kinect determine that)?

            You should watch the video I posted here on Spycrosoft with the spybot. You can’t miss it. It has like 6 downvotes :). Kinect WILL be used to track your facial emotions and heartbeat to know which ads to spam you with. Stop acting like them spying in on you (especially with Windows running NSA software) is just SOOOOOOO farfetched.

            And it’s not the same. Kinect is external. It WAS an accessory that could be purchased by choice. It shouldn’t be mandatory. Especially when most people aren’t going to use it. People actually use their controllers. That’s just one EXTRA part that I have to worry about breaking now.

            I shouldn’t have to pay a hundred dollars for something I’m never going to touch. That could go into buying a game or accessories or a new headset because Microsoft changed the port so you’d go out and spend more money on something you already have (but I’m sure you Xbots will defend that too).

            Microsoft tried to feed us poison. Then said, “Never mind. I don’t want you to die.” And you guys are rushing right back to their house for dinner again. The is the time to be critical. Observant. Uneasy. They SHOULD have to work for our trust back, but you guys ran back to them open-armed as fast as you could.

            Wonder what you guys will do when they bring DRM back (and they will because you guys are just going to defend it). :D

          • Neilandio

            So because you are never going to use kinect you want XB1 not to include it? So because you are never going to use XB1 to control TV you also want XB1 not to include that functionality? I’ll follow your logic and say that because I’ll never connect to the internet with my console all consoles shouldn’t be able to connect to the internet so I don’t pay for something I’m not going to use. I’ll never going to use more than one controller so all consoles should only use on controller so I don’t pay for something I’m not going to use.

            I should also assume that you don’t use any of facebook or googles products if you don’t like to be spied, right? If you do and you also complain about kinect spying you to spam you with advertising then you are just being a hypocrite.

            Also PS4 is was also trying to feed us poison, remember that they were also going to include pseye and DRM on the PS4, they just decided they wouldn’t tell us until it was too late. Now that they saw the disaster that is the XB1 they change their policies and feed of the hate towards Microsoft that the XB1 DRM created.

          • bizzy gie

            Your argument would be valid if I were speaking for myself like you think I am. I amn’t.

            Most people won’t use Kinect because hardly anyone appreciates motion gaming now. People shouldn’t have to pay that much money for something they’ll never use.

          • TheVoidWalker

            its a kinect with tap over the lense, implying you are one of those paranoid idiots that aren’t going to get a kinect because you think people want to watch you.

            No, I am not going to waste the time watching some paranoid retarded video, about big companies wanting to watch me eat chips off my chest when nobody is around. The only possible reason they would want to watch us, is to learn what products they could potentially sell to us, and the kinect can listen to keywords and send it to them, IF they really give that much of a shit.

            God fucking damn it people, if you want us to ever get anything new that’s awesome you need to shut the hell up and let change happen. The kinect can never become good if only 24% of xbox one owners have one. Next generation involves the kinect, and it needs to be there for it to be called next generation. A lot more people are going to use it then you think.

            But you are going to use it. Your saying that taping your head to turn on a visor, ducking by holding a controller yo your chest, doing an endless number of functions all thanks to the kinect is something you don’t want? If you say no, then that means you are one of those worthless consumers that just want graphics and video games, and never want the industry to go anywhere.

            The DRM was pushing us toward a all digital future. Yeah I admit they did push it a bit to hard, but it needs to happen, and it’s going to happen sooner or later. Publishers are not going to change just for you, and they need more money. Sooner or later they are going to force DRM on both consoles, and instead of being eased into it like M$ offered, you are now shuved in a box, gave the finger, then locked in.

            When they bring DRM back I am going to jump for joy. I have a pretty decent job, and my best friend can’t say the same. I will enjoy being able to let him play my games free of charge. I don’t want physical disk’s, because I could get a digital copy cheaper, and will never get scratched. I love that people are complaining about needed internet ON THE FUCKING INTERNET!!! That makes no god damn sense. Also get over yourself, and stop assuming that every single person that says anything nice about the Xbox One is a Xbot, because I am apart of the master race, and just praise other nice shit.

          • bizzy gie

            “and instead of being eased into it like M$ offered, you are now shuved in a box, gave the finger, then locked in.”

            Microsoft DID shove people in a box, gave them the finger, and then locked. That’s why people rejected it so hard. Nobody wanted to pay full price for game that they didn’t really own.

            Most people don’t motion game now. Adoption rate will affect nothing. Move Kinect didn’t sell well and Wii (which also had a 100% adoption rate) collects dust. It doesn’t matter how well it’s integrated in games. If people don’t want it, they’re not going to use it.

            Most people won’t have the space to motion game. You’d have to clear out a huge space. These consoles will mostly be in people’s rooms. If placed in the living room, there are still couches and coffee tables. Motion gaming and talking to machines aren’t practical.

            PS Eye was mainly meant to work with the controller in your hand which made use much more realistic and flexible to different living situations.

            Kinect should be optional.

          • TheVoidWalker

            People rejected it because they are ignorant ass holes. You did not see a single person go out there and talk about the pros. Everyone just looked at cons and nothing else. DRM would have allowed people to do things they wished they could do, but bitched like a bunch of 11 year old kids who did not get everything they wanted. They could have shared there games with 10 friends. Game prices could have gone down in the future. We would have gotten more AAA titles. But no, everyone who has internet goes on the internet, to complain about a console, that needs internet! Fuck all you whiny ass pricks who want to ruin it for everyone else, because more then 80% of the people who own a Xbox 360 or a PS3 have internet most if not all the time.

            I am not even going to argue in the realms of this concept. It does MORE then just motion control gaming. Also you say “most” but I am pretty positive you are talking about hardcore gamer’s. Publishers and devs get most of there income from casual and family gamer’s. Just because the hardcore gaming community is louder does not make them larger. WAIT, did you just honestly insinuate that nobody buys the wii? This is lowering the worth of talking to you, because clearly you are a person who looks at it from a hardcore gamer perspective and nothing else.

            It has been modified for small living spaces. Do you even read up on the shit you complain about? Fucking do research before you complain about something.

            Oh wow, I can add that to the list of shit I already know.

            The Kinect should be optional?

          • bizzy gie

            I never said the Wii sold horribly. I said it collects dust. You don’t pay attention.

            Microsoft could’ve kept 10-man sharing and digital game discounts. In no way were any of those tied to the restrictions. Even still, the restrictions outweighed the benefits.

            Move sold horribly and Kinect didn’t do good either. So either “hardcore gamers” make up the majority of gamers or NOBODY CARES ABOUT MOTION GAMING.

          • TheVoidWalker

            Saying something that stores sell is collecting dust is an analogy of nobody buying it, which would mean it’s not selling. Man, you don’t even know what your saying!

            It only would have made a profit if used games were taken out of the picture. That would just mean I could let 10 people play my game, and they would not have to buy the game. With DRM at least the games was new and it made them money. Used games is the most asinine idea I have ever seen in my life. You have no idea how better off the gaming industry would be if used games never existed.

            God damn it! This is the last time I am saying this, if you say the same stupid shit one more time I am done. STOP FUCKING COMPARING THE LAST GEN KINECT TO THIS ONE. This one has had massive work put into it, BECAUSE IT IS PART OF THE CONSOLE! The last one was an accessory, WHO THE SERIOUS FUCK WOULD PUT A LOT OF TIME INTO AN ACCESSORY!?!?!?

            God damn, I hate repeating myself to retards that can’t read english, and have their heads to far up there self righteous ass that they don’t even understand what they are saying. Please grab your pc and gaming consoles, and just throw them out the window.

            You know what? Nevermind, I just give up, don’t message me again. I am 99% sure the same stupid shit is going to come off your keyboard.

          • bizzy gie

            You’re not very good at this. You have poor comprehension skills and frustrated quickly. Everybody knows the Wii collects dust. It means that it’s in people’s homes and that NOBODY plays. You know why everybody knows this? Because Wii was the number one selling console last generation with almost 100 million units sold. You’re THE ONLY PERSON who’d think that someone seriously meant that the Wii wasn’t selling well. Don’t mistake your own incompetence for mine.

            I can compare last generation Kinect to this one. The both do the same thing. Kinect 2.0 just does it better. If nobody used wanted Kinect, it could hover in mid-air and nobody will still want it. Moition gaming is appealing yet (i don’t know if it’ll ever be). People will have Kinect in their homes and more people will use it because Microsoft is forcing EVERYBODY to pay for it now, but it’ll be just like the first Kinect.

            It’s cool at first. You’re playing Kinect adventures all the time and you want to buy Kinect Racing and Kinect Sports, but after a year, you don’t even touch the thing anymore.

            Full retail digital games can still be discounted and shared with ten people. If Microsoft seriously wanted to do it, they could do it WITHOUT the restrictions. The restrictions had no relations to the very few benefits that it outweighed. Stop pretending like DRM and Always On were good things.

            You LIKE not really owning games you paid full price for as Microsoft could control when and when not you could play “your” games?

            I hope you stop replying. I’m right and you keep immaturely throwing around cheap insults. You also end every reply (more like rage rant) with a picture (who knows how long that take) thinking it’s helping your point when you just look like a child with too much time on his hands.

          • TheVoidWalker

            That made no fucking sense. According to your logic collecting dust means everyone bought it, then never used it. I know people who use it almost every day. It is a pretty good console, and collecting dust is a shitty term that you should refrain from using. Yeah I do get pissed easily, I fucking hate repeating myself to dumb people on the internet that can’t understand English for their life.

            No you can’t. Also it does more them motion gaming, I have said this several times and you seem to still be a ignorant prick and keep bringing it up. Are you just trying to piss me off now? No it will not be like the first kinect because this one does more then just motion gaming, and it wraps into games outside of motion gaming games. So go get your dunce cap, get in the corner, and learn the capabilities of it before you keep bitching about it.

            This one is different from the kinect one and not out yet. You cannot bag on it before it is out, end of story.

            They were good things, and really I am just about tired of talking about it OVER THE INTERNET.

            I have internet, I like digital more, they are not going to just take all our games away, they would never get a costumer again. With full digital libraries everywhere they could easily transfer our game libraries over to the console after the XboxOne. Stop being a worst case scenario moron. Stop acting like there are companies out there that want something either then your money, and won’t do whatever it takes to get as much of your money as possible.

            Clearly you are one of those 12 year old losers who thing a debate is a challenge of who is right or not. No, I will stop insulting you when you fucking learn how to read. You do not deserve my respect if I have to repeat myself over and over again, just for you to say the same shit over and over again. No I just add the pictures because I have many, and they are pretty funny. Do you not like funny things?

          • bizzy gie

            The pictures are not funny. They’re desperate.

            And you’re right. Kinect will be used for more than just motion gaming. It’ll be used to talk to your TV, Xbox One, and cable box (because that’s normal).

            I also appreciate that you assumed my age was 12-years-old yet you are completely incapable of replying without using CHILDISH, immature insults.

            I’ll say this one more time. Ten-man sharing and extreme discounts can still exist with digital games as incentive to buy that way. More people would buy digital therefore used game sales reducing. In now way, shape, or form were any of those restrictions connected to the very few benefits.

            Don’t bother replying. I have nothing left to say to you. You’re a waste of my time.

          • TheVoidWalker

            How are they desperate? I enjoy funny pictures, I have a folder with about 500+, and it makes me and others laugh. Does that make me a bad person xD?

            I am not going into detail with this. You can look up what it actually does for yourself. Till then most of your argument is invalid because you are to god damn lazy to do the research.

            I make these remarks towards you because I have no respect for you. Also I assume your 12 because you’re acting like it.If you’re going to have a debate about something, then learn what the serious fuck you are debating about.

            Also I am not 100% on this so don’t hold me to it, but I am pretty sure publishers have contracts with retailers, so they are not allowed to sell there games for a much cheaper price digital then physical. There can be discounts and things like that, but I am pretty sure they can not just always have games cheaper while contracted like that. Would you spend money to get games from people to re sell it, when they are selling it for $10-15 cheaper digitally? You would make no profit, because nobody would be crazy enough to buy it physically.

            Ok, I won’t reply to you.

          • bizzy gie

            The pictures are fine to have. Desperate to use as a counterpoint.

            And I’ve already researched Kinect’s capabilities. All that’s been confirmed is voice navigation, motion control, and body tracking. The most practical of the three is voice navigation and that’s only good if you’re in an area that doesn’t demand silence.

            The whole point of the restrictions was to kill used games sales. Microsoft could’ve still achieved that (even though it’s selfish and pure evil).

          • TheVoidWalker

            It is not there out of desperation, or to be apart of my argument at all. It is there to be funny and that is it.

            Yet all you have said in your argument till now is you can talk to your xbox and nothing else. You did not mention that it detects facial expressions (which could move social games to another level), you could bring a controller to your chest and it crouches you, taping your head to change visors. The possible outcomes are endless, and are all amazing in there own way. Also the kinect knows where the controller is at all times, and knows to just listen to that specific area. It drowns out it’s own game volume and everything else. Unless you know, your family is loud as fuck. But that just teaches you to use it in your room. (this is also a worst case scenario, don’t come at me like everyone in the world is so poor they cannot play a game console in their room, if there living room is loud as fuck.)

            Yes them wanting to give you more AAA titles, and give publishers the money they deserve is selfish as fuck. You know they made the game and all, but you would rather give gamestop money instead of spending the extra $5 to get it in better condition and give the people who made the game your playing he money they deserve. People who buy used games are usually money whores. They end up playing games till they are bored then take it back in 7 days to get there money, or pay with gamefly which is even worse to retailers.

            If you want more stuff you like to play with better content, then sooner or later used games need to go because publishers are not making what they want and need. They are not going to change there budgets, just to allow people to keep buying there games and giving them no money for it.

            Also I thought you were done “wasting your time” debating with me?

          • bizzy gie

            I never stated financial status determined who played a console in their room. Most people have their consoles in their room. I have a console in my room. Having a Xbox One in your room means you can’t do the motion gaming part unless you have huge room.

            All I’m saying is that if Microsoft still wants to do extreme discounting and ten-man sharing, they can. The restrictions had no connection to the two perks. I don’t even know what you’re talking about anymore (on this specific part).

            Kinect can be good, but they’re going to have to use it for more than just motion gaming and voice navigation. Since Xbox One is an all-in-one cable box, most FAMILIES will pick it up meaning the most practical use would be body tracking which is just weird.

      • greengecko007

        The same argument applies to Nintendo. How are you supposed to use the Wii U if your gamepad breaks? The startup menu appears on the gamepad, which you obviously wouldn’t have access to with a broken gamepad. You would have to buy a replacement, which costs around $140.

        If any important piece of hardware for any console should break, then the whole console can easily be rendered useless. What happens when the hard drive becomes a console, or when the GPU no longer functions? You have to replace it.

        • bizzy gie

          Harddrives (PS4’s is replaceable XB1’s is not) and GPUs are internal (really stupid argument on this part). In order to break those, you’d somehow have to break the console as a whole. Kinect won’t be attached to the sysytem or inside it. It can be dropped or stepped on or hit.

          Kinect shouldn’t be “important hardware”. It should be optional.

          • greengecko007

            Hard drives can corrupt, and can render a console useless, in which case you have to pay to get it fixed, get a replacement, or get a new console. I guess you’ve never had the GPU run dry on you before, otherewise you wouldn’t think it was a stupid argument. When the GPU runs stops working you essentially can’t play games because nothing renders properly. Both of these components are internal, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be broken or damaged.

            Both of these are hypothetical scenarios that “could” happen, but more than likely won’t to most buyers. Those that are paranoid should just get a warranty.

            And I like how you ignored the part about the gamepad being required for the Wii U. What do you do when the gamepad breaks?

          • bizzy gie

            I like how you ignored when I stated that Kinect (in addition to harddrives and GPUs) is now one EXTRA piece of hardware I have to worry about keeping intact because Microsoft was “smart” enough to put some of the processing power inside the Kinect.

            And it’s not that I don’t like Xbox One. It’s that Microsoft is trying to screw people out of money (i.e. the headset port being changed so you can buy new $200 headphones). It’s just that every time there is a screw up, people here want to blindly defend them and make their better judgement take a backseat to the Xbox brand.

          • greengecko007

            I know how you feel, I’m just asking you to see things clearly, and from a different perspective.

            “I like how you ignored when I stated that Kinect (in addition to harddrives and GPUs) is now one EXTRA piece of hardware I have to worry about keeping intact because Microsoft was “smart” enough to put some of the processing power inside the Kinect.”

            Once again, how do you feel about the Wii U not being functional without a gamepad? Personally, I think that both the Kinect and Wii U gamepad are cool, and like you, I don’t think they should be required for the console.

            If the Xbox didn’t require Kinect, it probably could have been priced at $400 like the PS4.

            If the the Wii U didn’t require the gamepad, it could have easily been priced at $250 or less, and then there would be another Wii sensation. The gamepad offers off TV play, which is cool, but why should I pay for that when I have my own TV that I don’t have to share. It should be a peripheral for the people that need it (which is what a lot of people think it is…).

          • bizzy gie

            Well I’ll use myself as an example. I don’t have a TV at all. Off t.v. play is the only way I can use my GamePad. For many who live with a family and share a TV, off-TV play is much more practical than talking to your TV or jumping up and down in front of it.

            The GamePad is a physical controller. It’s required because you need any controller to use a console.

            If the GamePad breaks (just like any other controller), you won’t be able to play games regardless. But with Xbox One, you have to worry about Kinect IN ADDITION TO controllers, harddrives, and GPUs.

            I’d at least appreciate if Kinect did what PS Eye did. Instead being primarily used for talking to inanimate objects and dancing around, it should be used in conjunction with your controller.

            Unfortunately, the XB1 controller just doesn’t have the technology for it.

          • greengecko007

            What I mean is that worrying about the kinect breaking is the same as worrying about the gamepad breaking. Both consoles have traditional controllers, but you need the kinect for the Xbox One, and you need the gamepad for the Wii U. Having just an xbox controller won’t allow you to use the Xbox One, just as a pro controller isn’t enough to use the Wii U.

            For people like you, the gamepad is a godsend. Being able to play games without a TV is very cool. But it’s not fair for me and everyone else has their own TV that bought a Wii U to fork over $140 for a gamepad that we don’t need. This is why I’m hoping the gamepad starts being utilized better in the future, in ways that use both screens to play one game.

          • bizzy gie

            The Kinect can’t act as a controller.

            The GamePad IS THE CONTROLLER. It just has a screen on it. You don’t have to buy a Pro controller to use Wii U.

            You Kinect AND the Xbox controller to operate Xbox One.

            You only need the GamePad (which is a full, standard controller) to operate Wii U.

            I get what you mean entirely (any part of a console can break I get that), but here’s my main argument.

            The Kinect is now one EXTRA part you have to worry about maintaining in addition to everything else.

          • greengecko007

            “The Kinect can’t act as a controller.”

            Isn’t it a motion controller? I don’t believe it’s just there to sit and watch you.

            “The GamePad IS THE CONTROLLER. It just has a screen on it. You don’t have to buy a Pro controller to use Wii U.”

            What I mean is that you can’t use just a pro controller for the Wii U, just like you can’t use just an Xbox controller for the Xbox One.

            “I get what you mean entirely (any part of a console can break I get that), but here’s my main argument.

            The Kinect is now one EXTRA part you have to worry about maintaining in addition to everything else.”

            And I get exactly what you mean. Ideally, we shouldn’t have to pay for what we aren’t going to use. But honestly, if you don’t want gimmicks, and don’t like paying for features you may never use, you would probably come out better building a gaming PC. Then you pay and get exactly what you want.

          • bizzy gie

            If you’re going to quote what I type and use that system as the basis of ALL your counterpointing (which highly annoying when done ALL THE TIME), you need to understand what I’m talking about.

            Kinect is required for the console to work.

            Now you have to worry about keeping Kinect intact (while upkeeping everything else with the console) just so the console will operate.

            The GamePad can control 100% of the console alone. It’s a standard controller with new features. Kinect is extra that shouldn’t have to be there if I don’t need it. I NEED a controller to operate a console. This controller just so happens to have a screen on it.

            A Pro controller is NOT required and you can enjoy the entirety of Wii U with the GamePad alone. Both Kinect and the Xbox controller are required.

          • greengecko007

            I’m sorry that you think me quoting you is annoying, but I’m sure that you can understand that I’m used to forums, where quoting part of a reply shows what specific part of that reply you are responding to.

            Now we’re just going back and forth saying the same things over and over again.

            I know the Kinect is required. I know the pro controller is not required, I never said it was. My point for including the pro controller was to explain that just like the Xbox One, where you can’t use just the Xbox One traditional controller, you can’t use just the pro controller for the Wii U. You can’t fully operate the Wii U with any controller, wiimote, pro controller etc, except the gamepad. The gamepad is just like the Kinect. It’s a required piece of new, and very expensive hardware. The gamepad is not just the standard controller for the Wii U, if that were the case the Wii U would have multiple gamepad support and there would be a reason to buy another gamepad outside of getting a replacement. Just like there is no reason to have multiple kinects for the Xbox One, there is not reason to have multiple gamepads.

          • bizzy gie

            The GamePad is a controller. Soon, the Wii U will accept two GamePads.

            And I get what you’re saying entirely. Just like how you need Kinect for the console to be on, you need the GamePad.

            However, it’s not the same because Kinect can’t serve 100% as controller on its own like the GamePad can. You’ll need an Xbox controller. While no other controller can work without the GamePad, I may never buy a Pro controller or a Wiimote ever (although I own both) and I can still enjoy the entirety of Wii U.

            But you’re right. We are just going in circles now.

          • Christopher Acuna

            The issue is the mandatory use of the kinnect. If that goes will your system become a brick as well? Microsoft has said that you could use your Controller to navigate menus and to power on the system, but they have also said that the kinnect is mandatory for system to operate…THIS is the issue that needs to be clarified and SOON (and by soon I mean within the next week).

          • Christopher Acuna

            I agree it should be optional but only in use. Microsoft’s vision for this next gen is with the Kinnect, so that is fine bundle it with the system. I will not be getting an XONE anytime soon, because….hell I don’t effin want one lol. Nothing in that XONE reveal and e3 conference made me decide “I going to buy it.” Hell I might never buy it.

          • bizzy gie

            Yeah. Microsoft is very shady at the moment and they don’t have a lick of my trust. PS4 is a buy now console.

            Xbox One later once all the fanboys who buy it because it’s an Xbox beta test it.

        • Christopher Acuna

          You can control your wiiu without the game pad. Wii mote and the Wii Pro controller.

    • Jacob Sanders

      I’m assuming the camera is under warranty just like the system. I’m guessing that for both consoles it is more likely that your system stops working than the camera given that the camera produces much less heat and has no moving parts.

      People are too eager to try to pile onto the Xbox One with all these measly concerns. The PS4 is going to run hotter, draw more electricity, and is packed into a smaller box so if you are really worried about hardware failures I would think you need to consider that as well.

      Look, the decision isn’t that complicated. Both systems will have mostly the same games, while each has their own gems of exclusive titles. Xbox One will be better for multiplayer, with more exclusive multiplayer games and dedicated servers with cloud computing available. PS4 will lack dedicated servers, plaguing online games with the same host advantages, game drops, and lag issues of current gen. But PS4 will offset that with more cinematic style games with better cutscenes and more platformer type games.

      Xbox One is $100 extra but has a ton more functionality. Honestly the ability to control all of my devices with IR blaster, Smartglass, and HDMI passthrough while snapping windows apps in and having exclusive NFL content and all that other jazz is probably worth $250 to me without even talking games. PS4 is a nice system if you want current gen with better graphics but the X1 is providing an awful lot of cool functionality that is hard to overlook unless you are some kind of sour puss or Sony fanboy.

      • Agreed.

      • Darrius

        Except that the camera is connected by a cord. The cord itself can wear out, and small cord connected peripherals almost always get dropped eventually.

        Microsoft should just tell us how much the replacement Kinect connect costs. The fact that they are not forthcoming with a price just raises red flags for me, although I must admit that I was already on high alert from Microsoft trying to pull the DRM stuff.

        • Milan

          The cord of the kinect is given 5 year warranty and fix by MS it has been for all of the Xbox product’s that include a cable inc the console itself.

        • companyoflosers

          they may in fact be trying to work a way not to include the sensor with the console to reduce price. i dont think they would tell people quite yet if they are yet since they’ve gotten nothing but bad luck from announcing things too soon regarding the new console. so far sont has managed to make xbox look pretty bad just because microsoft didnt wait to talk about its drm stuff till later. sony let microsoft take the fall with that little experiment and as a result changed their own policies about drm before we even knew about them. microsoft is avoiding any more mishaps like that be staying secretive im sure. they might even surprise us with even more good news if they really are taking the sensor out of the bundle.

          • TheVoidWalker

            No people! No, no, no, no, no, no. It needs the kinect, they will not remove the kinect, it will never be optional, it is needed. End. Of. Story.

          • companyoflosers

            it needs the kinect based on your opinion that its a good product, or because it physically needs it to run? if its the latter then dude the interface can be updated to not require the sensor quite easily. no different then them removing the drm processes the first time you log on and update it away. if you really think its a good product then why do millions of people not have or want the current one? the fact is many gamers see the kinect as an unnecessary attempt at motion control games which despite having a sensor, xbox doesnt have enough good games that utilize this, mostly because gamers think motion control games themselves are gimmicky and unnecessary. as for the voice commands, its not a feature worth spending 100 bucks extra on. if we want voice commands just sell us a cheaper peripheral thats a mic only… like a headset. there we had a viable device for voice control this whole time! they just need to up the voice quality on those things so the xbox knows wtf people are saying.

          • Darrius

            Actually, it needs Kinect because Microsoft has forced it to need Kinect. They could take it out if they wanted to. After all, the system hasn’t even released yet. But will they allow it? Is Microsoft willing to abandon their Kinect expiriment? I don’t believe they will. But I’ve been wrong before.

      • tomdville

        Xbox One will be better for multiplayer, with more exclusive multiplayer
        games and dedicated servers with cloud computing available. PS4 will
        lack dedicated servers,

        wow i guess you went in the future and play ps4 to know all of that how xbox one is going to have more exclusive last time i checked xbox 360 did the same thing show a lot of games in the beginning of the cycle and look at the end ps3 have almost 26 ex exclusive game this year alone name one good exclusive that’s out for 360 this year don’t worry go look ill wait

      • datdude

        That’s all fine and dandy until the kinect fall down go boom. Then you can wait a month or more for Microsoft to replace the unit (at your expense, of course). In the meantime, no gaming for you. Me, I won’t have a problem. I’ll be playing my PS4, PS3, and my 360 (if I don’t trade it in). And since Sony is a top notch electronics manufacturer with no red ring of death in their history, I have no idea where your evaluation of reliability comps between Sony and Microsoft is coming from. And that’s not even taking into account Microsoft’s inability to engineer a device without an external power brick. Way to go next gen, enjoy your next gen power brick. Wake up man. And by the way, I already control my extensive A/V setup with proprietary apps on my tablet and with my SmartTV with far greater precision than anything Microsoft will achieve with their box. So there’s that.

        • bizzy gie


        • greengecko007

          1. I doubt that one fall is enough to render the Kinect useless.

          2. Sony has had hardware failures. I guess you’ve never heard of the Yellow Light of Death on the PS3? It’s the Sony counterpart to the Red Ring of Death on the 360.

          3. An external power brick is that big of a deal? This generation, Sony’s PS4 is the only console to not have one. Both the Xbox One and Wii U have an external power brick.

          4. 500 gb is plenty for most people. People are already complaining that the Xbox One is too expensive. Would you rather everyone, including the people who already have external hard drives pay more money for the console?

          • bizzy gie

            1.) True

            2.) YLOD was much less common than RROD (which my first 360 went through).

            3.) Yes it is a big deal. The Xbox’s power brick has a disconnecting point. The Wii U’s power brick is all one, long cord. The Xbox power brick splits the cord in two (you don’t know how many times I split the cord just walking).

            4.) 500gb is a lot NOW. Later, when things like 4K become more common, 2TB will become the minimum. It’s not like PS4 doesn’t accept external harddrives. It just has a replaceable inner harddrive IN ADDITION TO the ability to add an external one.

          • datdude

            Are you aware that the Xbone is not even bluetooth capable, in addition to it’s multitude of other shortcomings I previously listed? Next gen indeed. What a box. What a disaster.

        • William Downie

          Yeah enjoy your shit laggy waiting in lobbies for a day to get a game PSN. I had 2 PS2 disk read error hardware malfunctions they were both 13 months old Sony said out of warrenty by three weeks so politely go fuck myself,my first 360 rrod after 3 1/2 years they picked it up fixed dropped it off free with 1 year free live within 7 days. PS= good 1 player games with no lastability Xbox = great 1 player + best multiplayer games with tons of hours of fun enjoy the shitstation it will probably be broke Sonys and your last one lol

      • bizzy gie

        The Wii U GamePad has an IR blaster.

        Kinect and TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV (which can already be offered in full function on the tablets and smartphones in people’s pockets) are cool if you like those things, but I buy a GAMING console to GAME. I don’t watch TV and I don’t motion game. Those features will render useless to most gamers.

        And I’m tired of people pretending like the know how PSN for PS4 is going to work. Both consoles will have cloud-based gaming. You don’t know how many or what type of severs the PS4 will be using. Only Sony and select developers know.

        I’m no Sony fanboy. The last Sony console I owned was PS2 in addition to my Xbox On…er…I mean…original and Wii.

        TV and Kinect are worth $0 if I’m never going to use them.

      • Ω GUNTZ

        (  ̄ _ゝ ̄ )

      • ant9141

        Actually since the PS4 is running GDDR5 RAM which uses less power consumpion than the GDDR3 in X1 to operate the PS4 will run cooler. you should probably know about the basic facts of the hardware before you go spouting off lies. It really just makes you look stupid

      • bizzy gie

        The Wii U is extremely small and never overheats. It draws much less power than PS360. Size will not affect any of these.

        This is what I’m talking about.

        People trying to justify the Xbox One’s stupidly large size.

  • Ducked

    What happens if I put duck tape over my kinect sensor because I don’t want to be spied on?

    Screw Microsoft, ya dirty people.

    • Vincent M. Lenzi

      You think that the kinect is the first thing that is used to spy on u. Try any device with a camera like computers and cell phones. If u don’t want the XB1 because of the Kinect fie there are still plenty of other things u own that can spy on u.

      • Ducked

        No I’m not an idiot, but there the ones stupid enough to admit it.

        • Vincent M. Lenzi

          I never called u an idiot

          • Ducked

            I didn’t accuse you for calling me an idiot…

      • bizzy gie

        All Windows operating systems (since 95) run NSA software which is why people are concerned about being spied on. Not just the fact that Kinect has a camera.

      • Dan Harvey

        Plenty of people don’t have cameras on their computers for this reason. I still don’t have a camera plugged into my computer, mainly because i have no use for it. As for cell phones, they spend most of their time in your pocket, and so the camera is rendered fairly useless.

        • Nathan O

          accept when it is out of your pocket. How bout the microphones? Those could be recording you 24 hrs a day but this doesn’t seem to bother anyone.

    • You really think Microsoft wants to wade through hours of you sitting on your couch with your sh*t stained tight whiteys eating cheetos? Hate to break it to ya, bro…. you’re not that interesting.

      • Ducked

        No need to talk bad about yourself.

        • TheVoidWalker

          Someone seems upset.

          • Ducked

            I’m upset? Yeah I really made it clear I was upset in my last post right? That’s a cute nerdy gif you have

          • TheVoidWalker

            1.) It is not a gif, gif’s are moving pictures. This is a jpg.

            2.) Not really nerdy, just a funny picture. Would it have made a different if I had a black guy in dreads saying it?

            3.) You seem upset, but that is just my point of view.

          • Ducked

            1: My bad

            2: Anything with Star Trek has just seemed nerdy to me. But that’s just my view. No need to yell about it.

            3: I’m not upset, I’m here because Xbox fanboys are so easy to upset.

          • TheVoidWalker

            1.) All good

            2.) Yeah it is a nerdy show, but got the point across, and I wasn’t yelling. I was making a simple comparison.

            3.) So you are insinuating that you enjoy antagonizing people you don’t like for no gain? That is probably one of the most asinine things I have read in my life.

          • Ducked

            2: Well you seem like you were yelling, “but that is just my point of view.”

            3: I rarely do this, you must not read much on the internet then. And your still posting these things?

          • TheVoidWalker

            I enjoy my pictures, and I know people antagonize people through the internet for no reason. I just never meet someone who was proud enough about it, to admit it.

            I have debates on the internet, do you?

          • Ducked

            I’m not proud of it, I just admitted it.

            Okay this picture wins.

  • kevin nun—-

    If you look at Francis YouTube video ranting about the XB1, you see that the XB Kinect is strong as heck, he tried hammering it and it wouldn’t break. I doubt you can break the XB1 kinect easily as well, unless you drop your house on it, you know, on accident. So congratulations, once you buy an XB1 you won’t be able to get rid of it, like a cat it will always come back.

    • bizzy gie

      There was a huge crack in the Kinect. Most people didn’t see it because of the Kinect’s black color.

  • iceazeama

    “well if it dies then the kinect wont be able to watch the xbox fan boys fap over their insane graphics, even if its weaker than ps4 and is a gimmick with kinect”. actually we are very confused where the all in one rip off fits in……

  • greengecko007

    If the Kinect stops working, the Xbox One is basically useless as far as gaming. But why is this a big deal? If any important piece of hardware stops working, the console will be rendered useless. This applies to ALL consoles, not just the Xbox One. People don’t seem to be worried about the GPU running dry prematurely, or the hard drive becoming corrupt, yet they are both equally likely scenarios, and could happen to the Xbox One just as easily as they could to the PS4 and Wii U.

    If you’re paranoid about technology, get a warranty. Simple as that.

  • bizzy gie

    It’s like after a certain time, all the die-hard Xbox fanboys who defend every mistake Microsoft has made with the Xbox One came in and started downvoting all the comments NOT sucking the Xbox One’s d*ck and trying to make forced Kinect seem like it’s normal and okay.

    • Ω GUNTZ

      What is this backwards day or something? Two
      console makers have made some pretty should I say stupid remarks! First
      Microsoft with their “Which way is up?” pr nightmare, now Nintendos,
      duh…. just compare us to a decade old machine! I’m really crossing my
      fingers that Sony doesn’t top this off with something stupid to say..

      • bizzy gie

        I’m not talking about Nintendo at all.

        • Ω GUNTZ

          Ballmer initiated a company restructuring on July 1st. That’s also the
          day it’s announced that Don Mattrick is leaving Microsoft.

          Anybody who claims it’s unrelated to Xbox One woes is kidding themselves, Ballmer has booted the guy out and rightfully so.

          • bizzy gie

            Still failing to see what this has to do with Nintendo.

          • Ω GUNTZ

            How about you sit this one out?

          • bizzy gie

            I don’t think you understood my original post.

            Oh and Sony hasn’t made any mistakes with the PS4. Just because Microsoft has screwed up a lot with Xbox One doesn’t mean Sony will follow.

          • Ω GUNTZ

            You never know.

          • bizzy gie

            Neither do you.

          • Ω GUNTZ

            Is this actually true or just what you think the facts are? I find it hard to believe games are selling better on Xbox Live – quite a few indies seem to have sold better on PSN, and Sony is pushing “Day 1 Digital” much harder and better than Microsoft ever has.

            Game sales in general tend to equally be only slightly in favour of the 360, we know this by looking at all the recently released yearly statements by big publishers (Ubisoft, for example).

            I also don’t think many people would utter strange advertisement buzz phrases like “Xbox LIVE is a more connected and community experience” because they see random restaurant and car ads on their home screen.

          • bizzy gie


            I never stated that. I’m actually rooting for PSN on PS4. I’m thinking that now that we have to pay for it, it should be a much better experience.

          • Ω GUNTZ

            I eagerly await the next generation’s launch day shenanigans. It will be glorious with 2 new consoles launching at the same time.

          • bizzy gie

            Are you the one downvoting my comments? I don’t think anybody else is here.

          • Ω GUNTZ

            No, you’re ideals don’t seem to be really popular.

          • bizzy gie

            No, but someone did go out of their way to downvote my comments a second after reading my previous one addressing it.

          • Ω GUNTZ

            I don’t even know. I don’t pay attention to downvotes.

          • bizzy gie

            XD Of course not! The same guy is upvoting you. :D

          • Ω GUNTZ


          • bizzy gie

            I don’t know, but somebody is monitoring our conversation.

          • Ω GUNTZ

            Maybe it is the Kinect?

  • therealruben1

    Micro$oft makes money

  • ze_fuhrer

    i wonder if people know that ps4 has cloud computing just like the xbox, and no i am not talking about gaikai game streaming. Cloud computing has been used in gaming for years, I see why they said cloud 1000 times at e3, xbox fans have been acting like they are getting something new. And cloud computing doesnt do shit for real time gaming, maybe some better textures and better ai but it doesnt mean shit for online gaming

    • HyperionLight

      Yes let’s compare cloud computing of MS and Sony.

      First of all Sony is in a dire financial state as they had 6.4 billion net loss last year alone. They have sold their Sony City Osaki office building, located in Tokyo as a means to lessen that loss. And you’re saying that they will be able to implement the same level of cloud computing on the ps4 as Microsoft will do on the X1 with so many [financial] problems?


      Microsoft has 300k servers that can and will be used for gaming plus their investing 700 million into a new data center


      And are we getting something new? No it’s not new, but the implementation of said cloud into games and other benefits is.

      “And cloud computing doesnt do shit for real time gaming, maybe some better textures and better ai but it doesnt mean shit for online gaming”

      How about taking in consideration not only the dedicated servers for MMO “type” of games (as in Titanfall, The Division, Destiny etc.), lesser loading times and better overall graphics/physics/AI, but most importantly the lifespan of said console?

      In two to three years time the DX12, 8K, gddr6, ddr4, path/ray tracing and other similar “advancements” in technology will probably be out in so how about building an entire infrastructure as a preventive solution to that.

      Or if anyone has seen Nvidia Wave Works ocean simulation at GTC keynote. The demo was running on 2x GTX Titan! How about that level of physics on a console, how else would you do that with a console? So to say cloud computing won’t do anything for games is quite premature.

      And here’s a good read about the cloud.


      Btw, why didn’t Sony deliberate more on their cloud computing if it’s the same thing MS is doing?

      Don’t get me wrong, I would really like to see Sony doing the same and gave people some future proofing for those $400, but you can’t call the MS cloud and the Sony one the same thing.

  • companyoflosers

    I think they may be waiting to announce another change in the xbox one making it not mandatory to have the sensor which would be great. they just dont want competitors in on it for some reason probably. whatever the case, they must have something in the works or at least thats the feeling im getting…. my feelings tend to usually be close if not dead on. i predicted EA’s b.s about frostbite 3 not running on the wii u being a lie. i could also just be really lucky XD

  • Metal_Man_v2

    I just wish Microsoft would actually show how the new kinect works with games. I’m not worried about it spying on me, because that’s crazy. But I have a 360 with kinect, which is fun, but I still don’t see how the new kinect is going to work with games like Halo and Titanfall. It seems cool, but I just can’t wrap my head around it…

    • Nothing5555

      I share the same sentiment, it funny how ppl are complaining about the mandatory Kinect… I mean who know what new gameplay elements it could add.

    • Nathan O

      I don’t think devs have had enough time to play with it in order to add these feature sets into their games that are due out end of 2013 or beginning of 2014. Come this time next year I imagine we will start to see some really compelling uses of the device (assuming it remains a mandatory piece of the xbox)

    • Amilia Perez

      Curl your fingers to mimick pulling a trigger, to shoot. Run forwards on the spot to move forwards. Turn your head to the left or right to turn your character. To throw a grenade you mimic the throwing motion. To melee, you punch the air.

      You’ll probably get tired of this quickly and go back to using your controller though…

  • JiveAssNegro

    100% serious, non-trolling suggestion:

    1. Get a USB extension cord.
    2. Connect USB extension cord to Xbawks.
    3. Connect Kinect (bad pun) to the other end.
    4. Put Kinect in the closet. Or under the sofa. Or in a box of blankets. Or whatever.
    5. Play games without being watched.

    • Nathan O

      Or a piece of electrical tape, or you could not let paranoid delusions run your life

  • Christopher Acuna

    So if you Kinnect goes out does that mean you are pretty much shit out of luck at even using your XONE?

    • Ω GUNTZ

      Until you get it fixed with the warranty.
      I will not miss the funk of unwashed gamestop masses, grisly ghouling from every tomb crammed into not enough space and trying to have various bundles shoved down my gullet.
      Also , again, pants.


    The sound blast from Steve Ballmer’s shouting is still oscillating through the universe on it’s way to destroy several alien civilisations on foreign planets who are on the brink of discovering warp space.

    Unfortunately, their dream of interstella travel will be cut short as the wave of Steves screaming destroys their home planets… FACT!

  • Amilia Perez

    I have no intention of letting the camera see me, or playing any games that use the camera. Will I still be able to operate the console if I cover the camera lens with duct tape?

  • locsphere

    Never force anything on your consumer. Its a big F you to them and I will not pay extra for something I will never use.

    Make it an option, or I will never buy it. Saying the Xbox won’t function without it is stupid. We all know you can make it function with out it so stop blowing smoke up our rear ends.

  • locsphere

    on’t like the kinect?

    go here and sign the User rights petition against it.