Before they were bosses: 30 years ago Don Mattrick was one of Canada’s first video game developers [VIDEO]

Don is out, Julie might be in, but long before he was telling people to buy an Xbox 360 to game offline, Mr. Mattrick was a young, up and coming game developer with a passion for sports cars.

At the ripe age of 19, the former Xbox boss was a guest on CBC’s Front Page Challenge, a show where a panel of journalists would attempt to identify a news story related to its visiting contestants.

Here we are 30 years later where the Xbox Zynga frontman has upgraded his mode of transportation from Toyota Supras to Ferraris and private jets. Oh Donnie! How will we ever go on without you?

[CBC Television]

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  • Rocco

    WOW!! Enough with Don Mattrick already! I get it, he jumped ship.

  • companyoflosers

    Oh! now i get it, the wacko is from canada! thats explains it! have fun sinking zynga. xbox can only benefit from your loss… honestly though i have n issues with canada, im sure its him, not the place hes from. seriously good riddance though. hes clearly undeserving of his position if hes not smart enough to see the possible repercussions of telling people to basically go screw themselves when he said they could just go buy a 360 if they didnt want all online stuff.

  • Morris ヅ

    lol the way he talks on tele/cam aint changed lol so funny 30years back

  • Guhtere

    And then he turned into one of the worst console developers in the world.