Microsoft makes an official statement regarding used games on the Xbox One, whether or not the "always connected" to the internet will stand true, and concerns regarding privacy of the Kinect system. " />

Xbox One won’t charge to play used games, does require a daily check-in


Putting the rumors to rest, Microsoft just addressed concerns about how the Xbox One will handle used games. “Microsoft does not charge a platform fee to retailers, publishers, or consumers for enabling transfer of these games,” a Q&A about Xbox One’s licensing fees reads. Further addressing rumors surrounding its new console’s need for an internet connection, the company post acknowledged that the Xbox One does need to be connected to the internet at least once every 24 hours.

Microsoft recommends a broadband connection of 1.5Mbps or higher for an “optimal experience.”  Furthermore, the Xbox One’s need for an internet connection doesn’t apply to watching live TV, DVDs and Blu-ray movies.

Rounding out Microsoft’s amended Xbox One Q&A section, the company discusses the system’s Kinect requirements. “If you don’t want the Kinect sensor on while playing games or enjoying your entertainment, you can pause Kinect,” a Q&A about Xbox One’s privacy settings reads. In addition, when turned off, the console is said to only be responsive to one voice command “Xbox on,” which can also be disabled.

For a complete look at the Xbox One’s updated Q&A section, head on over to the source links below.

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  • Laud

    Why not just make Kinect optional?

    No one is going to want to have it on. >_>

    • bizzy gie

      Because it has to detect your heartbeat and emotions so Xbox One can spam you properly.

    • Bill Bong

      I don’t want Kinect at all. If the Kinect can be unplugged I will unplug it. Otherwise I will tape over the camera and mic sensor. I don’t want Kinect.

  • Talesgirl015

    This is yet another failed attempt to correct backlash that has loyal xbox owners wanting to switch to Playstation.Wow. MS is as arrogant and out-of-touch as Sony was before the PS3 came out. They jumped the shark big time. Only E3 can really save them now unless they fail to deliver…

    • Steven Mahl

      I always love a good Happy Days reference. Although, after Fonzy jumped the shark, Happy Days was still on for another 7 seasons and reruns are still on tv… MS will never die lol.

    • This will all blow over once the system is released. The 5 people without internet likely wont have cash to buy either system in the first place.

      As for Sony, they’re going to have a similar DRM policy on the PS4, one that allows publishers like the nazis at EA have control over that kinda stuff.

      My point is, this all sounds a lot worse, and just because it could all go to sh*t, doesn’t mean it will. There’s also the possibility that this will work out just fine for everyone.

      • herz

        then need to figure out how to get a rental system in place b/c that’s gonna turn off alot of people as well.

  • Can’t remember, but do you have the option to simply play a game without installing?

    Like…. old-school? O_o

    • No, you must install every game from a disk.

    • JVAN63

      You mean like current-gen? Aside from setting up a save file, and installing future updates, installation is an option on current 360 games, not a requirement.

      Ashley – So we have to install gigabytes of games in order to play them now? That totally blows. Doing a full install of a game for 360 takes a few minutes, although for some games it does help with load times. Right now, all you do is pop in the disc, download updates if prompted, select a save location and play.

      • Microsoft said it’s instant now — no need to wait for games to install before you can start playing. Just put the disc in, and you can play while the game is installing in the background.

    • Bill Bong

      Nope. All games install to the hard drive. They do not need the disc to play like the 360 does. The game play better from the hard drive. Load time are lessened or non exigent because of all the ram in the system. One problem that will is a full hard drive. You will have to delete one game to play a new one. Then reinstall the deleted game after you delete another. At least this will make used game disc less scratched.

  • Tyler Hilton

    you have to connect every 24 hours , what happens if you dont play for a week or two

    • RedChu

      After 24 hours have passed since your last connection, it disables your game playing abilities until you connect to the internet again. How long you wait until you reconnect to the internet shouldn’t affect anything – you just have to connect at least once within a 24 hour period to play games.

  • aeok18109

    Yea….pass. Buying the PS4. Until they fix this dictatorship on the kinect, internet connection and used game market, i won’t be purchasing one.