Purported Xbox One media slide displays unannounced Banjo Kazooie and Fable games


With E3 just days away, we can expect an unusual amount of rumors and hoaxes to start hitting the web. Today’s suspect is an image revealing what could be new Banjo Kazooie and Fable games for the Xbox One. Shot in an awkward vertical framing, the suspicious photo has been making its rounds across forums and websites for almost a day.

Although Microsoft’s recent Xbox One event displayed what appeared to be an unannounced Fable title, the new Banjo Kazooie (allegedly titled: Banjo Kazooie: Grunty Land) game is a first. While our gut instincts call shenanigans, we’ll reach out to Rare and Lionhead for their thoughts on these alleged up-and-comers and update this story as information becomes available.

[The Escapist (Forums)]

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  • Madmagican

    *sniff* Banjo :'(
    please come home

    • Nintendofreak

      rare is no longer welcomed we have retro now

      • Avpfan13

        They’ll be devastated to hear that.

        • Nintendofreak

          no pain no mercy no weakness

  • Aqua Team

    “Might have to buy an XboxOne just for Banjo………”

    -Said NO ONE.

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      I think you’re missing the point with these exclusives. No one ever said, “I need a Nintendo console just for Pikmin.” but it’s exclusive to their platform, and it’s another great title. Same with Banjo.

      I’ve always been a Rare fan and I’m losing my mind at the thought of what a next-gen Banjo game could look like. xD

  • The True Gamer

    The logo for a potential Halo 5 is in this picture…….I truly wonder whether Microsoft would put two Halo games at one E3….

  • The True Gamer

    This was shown before today, but the spartan assualt logo wasn’t shown until today. Think about it.

  • Guhtere

    Other than Quantum Break, where are the other new IPs? If it weren’t for Rare, the Xbox One would have a good 2 exclusives. It’s too late Microsoft, gamers have made their mind up, and they’ll all buy the PS4. RIP Xbox.

    • lol

      15 exclusives and 8 of them new IPs in this year for xbox1. Ye, right “rip xbox” -_-

  • Tyler Hilton

    im sure fable iv will be announced soon , i mean if it was a launch title ir buy xbox one before ps4

    • Guest

      Lionhead has announced a re-make of Fable 1, but im sure they still are going to announce Fable iv.

  • bizzy gie

    Microsoft fanboys will be too head-deep in first person shooters to appreciate a game like this. I hope this game tanks so Rare can see that they lost out on their diverse crowd of open-minded gamers. The only people who will be on Xbox One are blood-and-gore, swearing 8 year olds.