The internet has been buzzing with rumors that Microsoft sent employees to Best Buy stores to disrupt Nintendo's Wii U promotional tour. The problem with this story is that it isn't true." />

Microsoft didn’t send employees to Best Buy’s Wii U event [VIDEO]


The internet has been buzzing with rumors that Microsoft sent employees to Best Buy stores to disrupt Nintendo’s Wii U promotional tour. The problem with this story is that it isn’t true. “But there’s a video of a Microsoft employee talking to people waiting in line at a Best Buy, I saw it online!”

If you happen to visit your local Best Buy, chances are you will see a Microsoft employee walking around, but they won’t be there for Nintendo. Instead, they’ll be working at the company’s dedicated Windows kiosk. In fact, Apple and Samsung also have similar setups at the blue and yellow retailer to help push their own products to potential customers.

A typical day for the guy in the video below is trying to explain to someone why they should buy a Surface Pro instead of a cheaper iPad or Android tablet. A tough sell indeed.


Still not convinced? Check out a video from Best Buy’s official YouTube channel promoting the expansion of its internal Windows stores.

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  • Hildebrand

    Appears the convo is about wiiu and xbox enough said. Even if he was working at the kiosk, fact of the matter is the guy approached fans at a wiiu event and questioned em on consoles FACT.

    • DeedsGaming .

      Exactly, he was talking to them about the Kinect.

    • Talesgirl015

      The Guy, probably was just doing his jobs. Sometimes ones job demands one to do things that not everyone will like (one example is a debt collector).
      So any hostility toward these guys is childish. People need to realize that they are just doing their job, and handle the situation like a mature adult.

      • Bill Bong

        I bet he just go lost and found a crowd of people and wanted to see what was going on.

    • HyperionLight
      • Vincent M. Lenzi

        This is true because Abe Lincoln never lived to see the internet.

        I see what you did here.

      • Guest

        Seems Legit

      • Guest

        Seems Legit

      • Guest

        Seems Legit

  • Counterproductive

    Isn’t that even *more* insidious?

    • Talesgirl015

      No it isn’t, Microsoft & Best Buy are now partners..

      • Adrian

        change your picture.

  • I don’t get it. It was a casual conversation with a Microsoft rep at Best Buy who — from the looks of it (he’s wearing his backpack) — is off the clock.

    He mentions being torn, “One side is telling me yes, the other side is telling me no.” Most likely in reference to whether or not he’ll be purchasing an Xbox One.

    He wasn’t really evangelizing anything, just talking to some people about how the Kinect isn’t a “spy box.”

    Freakin’ internets, man…

  • Jon

    Even if he is working at the Windows kiosks, he still approached the Nintendo kiosks and was promoting Xbox. Just because he was at a Windows Kiosk does mean that MS was not trying to promote a Xbox, they could have easily called called their Windows people and were like “hey, there is Nintendo stuff going on at your store, go talk to them about Xbox”. There has been a lot of reports of this happening, I even had a guy at the store I was at telling people about Xbox before he was kicked out, not sure if he was really a MS employee however it still did happen. So I am not quite convinced that MS had nothing to do with these people promoting Xbox at the Nintendo Kiosks.

    • “Approached”?? He could have been walking by.

      Again, there’s was nothing from that video that showed he was bashing the Wii U, trying to deter anyone away from it, or doing anything other than having a friendly conversation with some dudes in line.

      Homeboy could have been walking by the line after clocking out when these Nintendo fanboys started hounding him about the Xbox One.

      I think Microsoft and Sony are too busy fighting each other to even worry about the Wii U. Like all the iterations before it, it’s a secondary system.

      And just because you ran across some Xbot fanboy going nuts at a store doesn’t mean he was employed by Microsoft. -_-

      • Jon

        i never said anything about the guy bashing the Wii U, I said that he was promoting the Xbox one at the Nintendo Kiosk, NOT bashing it.

  • kevin nun—-

    You can’t say it isn’t true if you haven’t been there. Were you there, on the Wii U events, when they started handing out Xbox One pre-order fliers to those waiting in line? Were you there when they were approaching consumers talking about pre-ordering the XBO? NO

    • Adrian

      were you?

  • Madmagican

    the Microsoft guy at my Best Buy was MUCH more of a jerk than the guy in the video
    he seriously shit on the Wii U for thirty minutes talking about how it’s weak

  • SmashFinale

    When i went to my Best Buy for the nintendo event i didnt see a single microsoft employee there.

  • lukas

    ok it is true because I saw a pic with him standing there talking to a guy in the crowd behind him it had the Nintendo picture with is the same one on Nintendos best buy website plus this is something Microsoft would do in fact this year they lied to all off you saying at e3 that all the games were running on xbox one but they wernt they were running on a windows 7 computer (not even 8) that had a graphics card 3 times stronger than the xbox one another example is that remember last e3 were at ps3’s launch party in London next to a river (I think it was London) Microsoft hired a boat to sail back and forth the river the whole part the boat said xbox 360 loves you there you go I rest my case Microsoft are liers and poor sports and we all now it so if you don’t belive me google it (not bing) bye

  • Edgar Cervantes

    It seems like the guy was just having a regular conversation with the clients.