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Picture of “Day One Edition” controller, packaging, and games for Xbox One

This morning we learned that the Xbox One would launch in November for $499.99. We saw it hit Amazon for Pre-Order. We learned that those who received it on Day One would receive a special  “Day One Edition” Xbox One that, among other things, would include a special controller in commemoration.

What would that controller look like? Here’s what:



How about that limited edition packaging? Here it is:



Day One Xbox Live anyone?


Unfortunately we’re not able to see what that exclusive achievement is all about. But hey, look, there are Day One Edition games. At least four of them to be exact (Forza 5, Ryse, Kinect Sports Rivals, Dead Rising 3):



And for safe measure, a bunch of really small text just in case Microsoft decides to change their minds:

Available in limited quantities while supplies last, at select retailers.

Neat, I suppose, but not enough to push most people from “Maybe” to “Okay, I’m buying.” There are a lot of people who will get the Xbox One on launch day regardless, but for the rest, does this “Day One Edition” pack do enough to get people over the fence? What do you think of the DOE pack?

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  • oh crap

  • Madmagican

    Oh joy… the deference is labels

  • nanowerx

    I don’t think the Day One package is to try to woo people into buying it, it is simply a special bonus to those confident enough in the system to buy it on day one.

  • Oblivion

    Can I have a controller that doesn’t have that label on it? (Just so I don’t have to come back and post, I was kidding.)

  • They should just change the “DAY ONE 2013” printed on the controller and other areas to “THANK YOU SUCKER”

  • Wayne Beck


  • bizzy gie

    That’s the limited edition controller? Can’t wait to see the decal.

    • Oh believe me when you do you will have sticker shock

  • Noah Umana

    to all the people who are buying the XB1. congratulation Just one word Direct X first hand to XB1

  • John Mumpitz

    why are all the fucking PS4-haters here? go back to your shitty PS4! PS4 is the most boring console ever, ooh you can play videogames, what else? has it anything new? PSN is the worst shit, the controller is the WORST shit! PS4 has nothing new! XBOX ONE is the only TRUE nextgen console with a lot of new features, like cloud gaming, you can share all your games with up to 10 people for free and it doesn’t matter where they are!

  • Farhan Afnan Iskandar

    day one, a limited edition of XBOX ONE that didn’t have any special feature and special item -_- . just to make it very special than other (absolutely to show off to your friends). I think only Forza Motorsport 5 Limited Edition Day One that can give you more. but I want it, I want to show off to my friends that I have a XBOX ONE Day One.