While digital downloads are nothing new in the world of gaming, the Xbox One is changing the way Xbox Live offers games to consumers." />

All Xbox One games will have same day digital releases


While digital downloads are nothing new in the world of gaming, the Xbox One is changing the way Xbox Live offers games to consumers. Every disc-based Xbox One game will have a digital purchase option from Xbox Live at launch, Microsoft confirmed yesterday.

Xbox Live’s Games on Demand section has been offering digital purchase options for disc-based Xbox 360 games for quite a while, however these titles are only available several months after a game’s retail release. Since all Xbox One games require a hard drive install, this new approach could become a viable option for those who have actually embraced a digital media-only lifestyle.

[Xbox Wire]


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  • Avpfan13

    I’m so used to not trading in or lending out PC games that I’m not losing my mind about that stuff like a lot of people have been.Going digital could be a cool way to save time and space.

    • bizzy gie

      Microsoft is practically forcing you to go digital whether you buy a disc or download. You can’t afford NOT to think like that.

    • Bill Bong

      What happens in 10 yeas when the Xbox Two comes out? Will the servers be shut off and not allow you to play Xbox One games because it can’t make a connection to the servers?

  • Madmagican

    Great. more stuff to plow through that 500 gig

    • Orion Wolf

      Is that really such a bad thing?

      I mean isn’t this better than searching for a two year old and possibly damaged disc you’re not exactly sure where you put it?

      Anyway I think the 500 gig HD has to do (imho) with the total cost of the console + kinect, although “small” in today’s PC standard it’s still a better option than a 1TB-2TB console with a price point upwards of $500.

      • Madmagican

        Still, if each game has to be established to the hard drive, basic operations take up space, and on top of that there’s downloadable games either Indie or mainstream you’re going to run out of space extremely quickly (especially if you buy more than 20 games

        • Orion Wolf

          Yeah you’re right a 500 GB HDD is really small, especially considering that the next gen games (at least the AAA titles) will supposedly be quite larger, but they still had to cut corners somewhere to release the console at a “reasonable” price.

          Well anyway there’s still quite some time until the release date, so let’s wait and see and who knows maybe there will be a model with a larger HDD.

          And as the guy below me suggested you can still get an external HDD…

          • Madmagican

            yeah, extrernal harddrive is probably gonna be the way to go

  • Laud

    And then servers go down and you can’t redownload games or play them ever again unless they’re remade.

    • Dominic Singh

      Games are tied to your account u can always redownload them at any point in time and microsoft is not EA does XBL ever go down maybe once in 8 years

      • Laud

        What about after the console life span ends? They stop selling them and you can’t connect anymore because servers are down.

        You will never play those games ever again.

  • Dominic Singh

    I will never buy a disc again

  • Bill Bong

    Will you get the manual in a PDF format? Wait! Who reads game manuals anyway?

  • Dominic Singh

    If u want more memory buy a 1TB or 2TB external HDD but since I dont buy much games 500GB is more than enough for me