Senior vice president of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, Yusuf Mehdi may have inadvertently shown a sneak peek of his company's E3 lineup during his walkthrough of the Xbox One's dashboard." />

Xbox One dashboard walkthrough gives an idea of what games to expect at E3


Senior vice president of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, Yusuf Mehdi may have inadvertently shown a sneak peek of his company’s E3 lineup during his walkthrough of the Xbox One’s dashboard. While demonstrating the console’s Games tab, Mehdi brought up a screen of eye-catching tiles that possibly revealed a few unannounced Xbox One titles.

The bottom left corner of the dashboard displays an unmistakable shot of a Crackdown agility orb, which suggests that a new installment to the franchise is in the works. If you check out the opposite tile on the bottom right of the dashboard, you’ll come across what appears to be some type of medieval character with a glaring Rare logo in the tile’s upper right corner. Move one space up and the Roman-like structures suggest that you’re looking at the recently announced Crytek title, Ryse. As we continue traveling north, the tile in the dashboard’s upper right corner features what appears to be a silhouette of the Seer from Fable.

During the Xbox One’s big reveal, Microsoft announced that it plans to release more than 15 exclusive games over the course of the system’s first year. Toss in the dashboard’s tiles for  Forza 5, Quantum Break and a bland but blatant reference to the Halo franchise and you’ve possibly got a look at seven of those first year games.

The only real wild card in this mix is the tile between between Forza 5 and Halo, which displays a mysterious picture of an island. While there’s not a lot to go by with this particular tile, judging from its scenery, we’ll go out on a limb and say its a sequel to Kinect Adventures and that it will most likely ship with the console at launch.

Now that we’ve placed our bets on what we might see during Microsoft’s E3 keynote, we’d like to hear from you. Do you think we got it right, or do you have a different theory of your own? Be sure to share your thoughts about the dashboard’s tiles via our comments below.


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  • keysy

    crackdown or infamous second son. Really is that a comparison infamous all day

    • infamous was ok but I’m bored of GTA single player copy cats. How many games try to make a real co-op GTA experience? Honestly Crackdown was really fun. Drive Club looks more exciting than Forza to me though.

  • Crackdown sequel! YES! :D

    • I just hope they go back to the style of the first one, story wise. I didn’t like the structure of Crackdown 2 too much.

  • bizzy gie

    The OS looks almost exactly the same as the Xbox 360’s. Now it just has an all black background with the ability to use a few extra WOO-HAs (my word it’s copyrighted) on the side.

    • Madmagican


  • Guhtere

    Expect rehashed sequels and games that’ll be better on the PS4.

  • Shane Grimes

    I LOOOOVVVEE Fable… granted fable 3 was a bit of a let down when you compare it to 1 and 2. I can’t wait to see if we see a Fable 4 release!

    • ItzameyaToad

      I played Fable 2 a bit at my cousins house and played Fable 3 demo on my Xbox and I agree Fable 2 was great. Wasn’t a fan of Fable 3(from what I played on the demo). I suspect that Fable 4 will be revealed seeing as it is a big Xbox franchise.

  • e3 should be awesome

  • Ben Leeper

    Looking forward to another Fallout title!

  • Zorpix

    Nintendo had a similar “accidental reveal” when showing off the wara wara plaza, but quite a few of those games havent really shown up yet, or some, like zelda, are still far off. Careful getting hyped over this, people

  • Guest

    Sorry to disappoint any fable fans but the tile in the top right is indie game “Below”.